Tournament of Babes

March Madness is quickly approaching for those who follow college basketball. However, even if college hoops aren’t your thing, you might participate in the office pool and/or the chances are good that you have voted on some type of similar tournament. Especially  around this time of year, when many websites and social media outlets run similar tournaments where the winners are decided by the fans’ vote.

There is one of those tournaments going on right now on in the Slugfest of Doom sub-forum located in the Geekville forum. It is the inaugural Babefest of Doom tournament and the field was set at a staggering 256 women. For those of you not quick at  math, that equals four NCAA tournaments before they added in the play-in teams and the extra tournament spots.

What this tournament has provided – in addition to our A1 community being able to ogle gorgeous (for the most part) tournament entrants – is feverish debate over who is hotter than the other. What people need to realize is that tournaments like this are all subject to  opinions and there are going to be some favorites (personal or general consensus) that will be eliminated. As the saying goes…. “There can only be one.”

It has sparked some interesting conversations, that is certain. However, what people seem to not understand is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There are some of my personal favorites (Keeley Hazell, Kaley Cuoco, Alison Brie, and Kat Dennings) that have been shown the tournament door, and while I’m not happy about it, I understand the nature of the beast. Then of course, there is the controversy that was stirred up by Adriana Lima (Victoria’s Secret model) being eliminated by former One Life to Live soap opera actress, Melissa Archer. Yet another controversy is the debate between 80’s movie actress Phoebe Cates and IMPACT Wrestling’s Velvet Sky. The latter was eliminated by the former, and it has caused an uproar to say the least. Especially now that it looks like Cates will be eliminated in Round 4.

Again … it’s based on opinion and who finds who more hot. Votes will be cast, and odds are your favorite might not win the whole thing. The ensuing discussion and arguements on why certain “babes” didn’t even make it out of round one, let alone why they are not making the semi-finals or finals… that’s where the fun begins.

So take it all with a grain of salt, enjoy, vote, and most of all … discuss!

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