A1 Podcast Episode 96: Podcast It Out

What do The Bleacher Report, Popeye, Nokia, and Jabberwocky all have in common? They are all mentioned on this week’s episode “Podcast It Out”. We look at Drake Oz’s column from bleacherreport.com on CM Punk. We go over Raw with it’s Hug it Out, AJ’s meltdown, and the apparent alliance of Punk and Paul Heyman. We also take a look at the potential Final Four in TNA’s Bound For Glory Series. In non-wrestling news we look at college football, console gaming vs. PC gaming, and the impending Microsoft and Nokia announcement. Finally we take a peek at the 2012 Slugfest Of Doom, as well as sound off on The Divas, Michael Clark Duncan, and Shuffle Party Bowling.

Direct Link – A1 Podcast Episode 95

iTunes Page – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-a1-wrestling-com-podcast/id434430895

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