My Top 10 Favorite WWE Entrance Themes

These are in no particular order, just ten WWE themes, that I really enjoy – and that does not necessarily mean I’m a fan of the wrestler the theme is for.

“Live in Fear” – Mark Crozer (Wyatt Family)

“Break the Walls Down” – Jim Johnston (Chris Jericho)

“Metalingus” – Alter Bridge (Edge)

“Nightmare Clown” – Jim Johnston (Doink)

“I Came to Play” – Jim Johnston (The Miz)

“Pomp and Circumstance” – Leonard Bernstein & BBC Symphony (Randy Savage)

“Snake Bit” – Jim Johnston (Jake Roberts)

“If You Dare” – Jim Johnston (Tazz)

“Cult of Personality” – Living Colour (CM Punk)

“I Walk Alone” – Saliva (Batista)

Bonus Song (Honorable Mention)

“This Fire Burns” – Killswitch Engage (CM Punk)

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