Smackdown Notes July 25 2014

Random quick shots from the mind of the A1 owner…

  • still love the Usos’ entrance
  • I’m really not a fan of guys taking a series of punches or chops that just stand there and look at the other guy while shaking waiting for the next one to come. Sell it a bit!
  • Usos pulling Twin Magic? Wow.
  • Stephanie looks like a meteor hit her chest between her boobs and left a massive crater. Ugh.
  • Miz’s mom saying her favorite WWE superstar is Roman Reigns. AWWWESOME!!
  • I can’t believe Miz is with Maryse.
  • The only thing worse than a Miz segment is Bo Dallas interrupting a Miz segment.
  • It’s bad enough WWE gave Ziggler Billy Gunn’s finisher, but they didn’t even bother to change the name.
  • I wish Roman Reigns would start bringing out just a little intensity in his promos. The cool, laid back bit is ok, but if he busts out one or two intense statements that would have a huge impact.
  • Not a fan of Ambrose’s “flurry of slaps” to the body.
  • I’ll never get sick of Cesaro’s “over-the-corner” suplex into the ring. #StrongAndBig
  • LOVE Paige’s accent.
  • I can’t watch Cameron or Naomi after seeing Total Divas. Not interested in their feud at all.
  • Goldust and Stardust are just the right kind of crazy.
  • Someone please take the mic away from R-Truth. He can’t even time his own entrance theme properly.
  • SMACKDOWN IS RECAPS!! I feel like I’m watching RAW all over again.
  • HAHAHA Del Rio forgot which arm he was working on.
  • I’m almost wondering if Reigns needs an impact finisher out of some kind of hold added to his repetoire. The Superman punch and the spear are both easily avoidable and are used every single match.
  • Overall: I really hope you were smarter than me and watched this on DVR.

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