New Logo For Impact Wrestling

It looks like Impact Wrestling will have a new logo when it debuts on Destination America in January. This image has been floating around the internet.

Could this be the new Impact Wrestling Logo?
Could this be the new Impact Wrestling Logo?

In a recent interview, Dixie Carter stated that the January debut would be a rebranding of the company

“I’m really excited about pulling the trigger. We’ve held things off. But I feel like switching networks would be a perfect time to really launch a new look and feel to the show, and I don’t mean just graphics and things such as that”

Judging by the logo, the six-sided ring will remain as part of the product. It also may be noteworthy that there is no “TNA” reference to be found. With Josh Mathews rumored to be replacing Mike Tenay on play by play on the new shows, it seems Dixie is serious when she states there will be a new look to the company.

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