Report: WWE Live, Winnipeg, Dec 20

I was able to attend the WWE live event in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 20th. Earlier on in the day, I was having lunch at Hooters, and Erick Rowan, Justin Gabriel, and Adam Rose walked in shortly after I did. Random thought: Rose doesn’t look anywhere near as tall as he does on TV. He’s actually shorter than Gabriel.

Here’s a rundown of the card.

Darren Young (minus the big fro) defeated Justin Gabriel. I don’t know what he calls the move, but it was an overhead press, but then Young dropped to his back and got his knees up, and dropped Gabriel guts-first over his knees.

Post match, Seth Rollins came out and destroyed both men.

Fandango defeated Adam Rose with a sit out suplex.

Erick Rowan beat Curtis Axel with a nelson slam.

The Uso’s beat Gold and Star Dust by reversing a roll up into one of their own. Like we’ve commented on the podcast many times, these teams face each other often but always come up with a real entertaining match. They didn’t disappoint here. Tons of action led to a chaotic finish with a roll up attempt by Stardust and a reversal by Jay for the pin.

Natalya defeated Paige with the Sharpshooter.  Paige is OVER in Winnipeg.

Ryback defeated Seth Rollins by DQ after Rollins hit Ryback with the Money In The Bank briefcase. Vintage greasy heel move by Rollins after Ryback took complete control of the match and looked ready to defeat Rollins.

If we thought Paige was over in this city, the crowd lost their minds for both Rollins and Ryback. The FEED ME MORE chants were huge. The match had both elements of technical wrestling and brawling, and I was very impressed with Ryback. Believe it or not, this was a Match Of The Year candidate it was that good.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt in a Winnipeg Street Fight. This match type was voted on by the fans and featured chairs, tables, and kendo sticks. Ambrose won the match after putting Wyatt through a table.

Heel of the night: Seth Rollins
Face of the night: The Usos
Match of the night: Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

Check out some pictures of the event in the gallery below.

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