PCW: New Year’s Knockout

PCW and myself both made our return to Doubles Fun Club on Friday night, as PCW was LIVE with their first show of 2015, New Year’s Knockout.

To get underway, PCW ring announcer “Filthy” Josh Hammerstein (“Filthy” might be my favorite wrestling nickname right now) promised great action and surprises – let’s have a look at the card.

The opening contest saw Michael Alan Richard Clark defeat Kevy Chevy. It was a good opening match with some action to get the crowd fired up and kick the show off with a bang.

Up next, The London Dynasty (Leo and David London) defeated the team of Jackie “The Jet” Lee and “The King of Swag” Alix Vanna. Pre-match, The Dynasty was beginning a promo when one of the more “rowdy” crowd members got into it verbally and climbed up on the ring apron, only to eat a vicious slap to the face. I have no idea if it was scripted, but it looked awesome.

Zac Mercury came out for a promo where he declared he would now be known as “The Universe”, he then defeated the much smaller Shao Ming. It was the proverbial David versus Goliath, and this match featured the biggest knife edge chop I’ve ever seen as Mercury laid into Ming, and I swore his chest was going to cave in. It sounded like Ming had been shot.

Jeremy James defeated the masked El Locale.

Canadian Champion Jay Walker kept his title over Priceless Chad Tatum after interference from the London Dynasty. Jackie Lee and Alix Vanna made the save, and Commisioner Chris Marxwell then set up a six man tag match later in the night.

After Intermission we got our promised surprise as ring announcer “Filthy” Josh Hammerstein announced that new NJPW Jr. Heavyweight champion and PCW original Kenny Omega would be making his return on February 28th at the 13th anniversary show. I’ve worked with Kenny and you can bet I’m going to be at this show to see his return.

“The Zombie Hunter” Mentallo beat Mike McSugar. This match was probably the most fun for me. McSugar is an interesting personality, using homopobia to get inside his opponents’ minds. His opponents back off quick when he’s grinding his ass on them or shoving his junk in their face and he knows it. Mentallo is supremely put together and is an amazing athlete and excellent ring technician, so seeing these two polar opposites collide was fun. McSugar is no slouch in the ring either, and he matched Mentallo throughout the fight. I would definitely like to see these two wrestle again.

In the 6 man tag match, Alix Vanna pinned Jay Walker after the London brothers abandoned him.

The main event saw AJ Sanchez defeating Antonio Scorpio. Another outstanding match. Sanchez is a big man, and he can move for a man half his size. Excellent pure wrestling match.

There’s a number of  upcoming shows, Primos wrestling is January 31st with Colt Cabana, Kazarian and AJ Styles.   PCW returns to Doubles on February 7th, and then our big 13th anniversary show is February 28th.

Check out some pictures from New Year’s Knockout below!

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