Geekville Podcast Episode 78: Finale Of The Dead


A new Geekville Podcast after an unplanned hiatus! Seth, Greg and Train are back to talk news and The Walking Dead Finale.

There are three Star Wars movies within 18 months of each other? Is this already milking the franchise? What’s up with Rogue One anyway?

Sony is building a “Ghostbusters Universe”. Is the name big enough to justify it? Or will it be overkill?

Ryan Reynolds revealed the Deadpool costume, and that the movie will be aimed for an R-Rating. Should the movie be R? Or could a kid-friendly Deadpool work?

Fox has announced there will be a six episode X-Files continuation with the same cast. Is 90’s nostalgia the norm? Will middle aged Mulder & Scully still be the same? And how is Cancer Man still around?

Finally, Greg and Train talk the Season Finale of The Walking Dead, and there are spoiler ahoy given Greg’s track record of predictions. Who’s next on the Kill List?

All this and more in an all-new fun-filled Geekville Podcast.

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