Furious 7 Director James Wan To Tackle Aquaman


Aquaman has now found his director, as the DC Cinematic Universe unfolds.

James Wan, fresh of the booming success of Furious 7, has signed on to direct the first big screen treatment for Aquaman. Jason Momoa is of course attached to star in the standalone film. He will also appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice next year.

For those who haven’t been keeping track, DC Comics is establishing their own “Cinematic Universe”, much like Marvel did with the Avengers movies. DC’s version will include members of The Justice League, made up of heavy hitters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Dawn Of Justice is set to open March 26, 2016, with Aquaman making his big splash in 2018. Other movies set to drop in this Justice League Universe will be a yet unnamed Wonder Woman film, and a Shazam film which has Dwayne Johnson tapped to play the villainous Black Adam.

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