A1 Podcast Episode 240: Hold These Alligators Down


Sadly, the wrestling world lost another of its brothers and sisters with the passing of “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel and Cora Combs. Crazy Train joins the show to talk a bit about Landel and Combs’ careers. Train has been in the ring with Landel and spent a good deal of time with Combs, so there’s some unique insight.

In other news, Norko, Jarret and Seth talk the return of Brock Lesnar and the PPV match with Seth Rollins. Will Brock win the title? Or is this another slow burn?

WWE is reportedly interested in ROH stars Jay Lethal, Adam Cole and Moose. Not only that, there is talk that WWE is working with Evolve and DragonGate USA to acquire talent. What does this mean for the industry? The three panelists offer their perspectives.

Finally, it’s Round 5 of The A1 Cup. 256 wrestlers entered, and now it’s down to 16. All eight Fifth Round matches are discussed, including one that has actually happened in New Japan. The outcome of Hogan vs. Muta might surprise you.

All this and more in another fun-filled A1 Podcast!

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Note: To explain the alligator reference, it’s talked about in this show, and it’s from a Ric Flair promo about Buddy Landel

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