A1 Podcast Episode 243: The A1 Draft 2015

The top picks in the 2015 A1 Draft!
The top picks in the 2015 A1 Draft!

It’s an annual tradition, and one of our most popular shows every year! The A1 Draft is a fantasy draft where the panelists select one wrestler, manager, authority figure, or tag team each round for ten rounds. Only “full-time” talent is eligible, thus no Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, etc…

Who has the best picks? You can interact on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #A1Draft #A1Draft2015 #VoteNorko #VoteSeth #VoteJarret #VoteJosh

Vic Travagliante joins to talk House Of Hardcore 9 happening this Saturday Night. Vic goes over the card, and how you can always expect surprises at a House Of Hardcore Event. HOH can be seen on The Fight Network in Canada or on a Roku device in The US.

Finally, the panelists give a full preview of this Sunday’s WWE Battleground, including predictions on all the known matches.

All this and more on another fun-filled A1 Podcast!

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