Geekville Podcast Episode 98: D23 Star Wars News


Disney’s biennial expo D23 is in the record books, and Geekville has the relevant Star Wars news coming out of it. Theme Parks, Rogue One, Episodes VIII and IX… Seth and Uncle Greg speculate the heck outta all of them.

In other Star Wars news, Tom Baker let it slip that he is part of a future Star Wars project. Jedi? Sith? Who is The Fourth Doctor playing? only time will tell but it’s fun to speculate.

Also announced, Marvel will be filming a pilot episode for a Mockingbird/Agent Hunter series. Is more Agents Of SHIELD material welcome? Well, more Adrianne Palicki is always welcome…

In non-Disney/Marvel/Star Wars news. Michael Shannon dropped a fun tidbit about his role in Batman v Superman. What does the future hold for Zod?

All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast!

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