Geekville Podcast Episode 107: The Bikini Controversy


In an unconfirmed rumor that is sweeping the internet, Disney is said to be eliminating all forms of the Jabba Palace “Slave Leia” outfit. Fellow Star Wars geek (and father of two daughters) Crazy Train joins to talk the rumor. Is this a big deal to the fandom? And what does it mean for collecting?

Also, Supergirl, Flash, and Agents Of SHIELD are all hitting their stride this season. Train and Seth talk all three shows, plus a little Arrow. What is working well and what was being done better last season. Is it OK that Supergirl is just using Superman’s Rogue’s Gallery? Flash is giving us Hawkgirl and Gorilla Island. Plus SHIELD may be hinting at an A-List baddie appearing soon.

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Podcast!

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