Geekville Podcast: Agent Carter Wrap-Up


The Geekville Podcast is back! Join Seth and Crazy Train as they dive into the wrap-up of Agent Carter Season 2. Did it live up to Season 1? Did the comedy and CGI work with a period piece story? And what can we hope for if there is a Season 3?

Also in Marvel TV, The Agents Of SHIELD producers have confirmed the fate and identity of Grant Ward. What exactly is Hive, and what can we expect from the second half of Season 3?

In Arrowverse news, we finally got the reveal of Zoom. What exactly is going on with Jay Garrick? Train and Seth speculate on how Garrick fits into both Earths.

And finally, Star Trek has landed fan favorite Ncholas Meyer to be a producer and writer for the upcoming CBS TV series. Definitely a great conversation topic for Trekkers.

All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast!

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