A1 Podcast: BROCK’S BACK!


UFC shocked the world by announcing Brock Lesnar will be returning to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. What kind of matchup is this? And is Brock in any danger? What if Brock wins? What if Brock loses? Crazy Train joins Norko and Seth to address these questions and more.

In TNA news, Slammiversary is this Sunday, and the panel previews all the announced matches including the Jade vs. Sienna Knockouts Title Match.

Not only that, Train and Seth discuss New Japan’s 2016 Best Of Super Juniors Tournament. A summary of all the Blocks, and explanations on why the winners of each block won, despite being tied in points. Not only that, this event set the stage for what to expect at the June 19 Dominion show.

Plus, NXT Takeover is this week, and all the matches are previewed for that event as well. Nakamura vs. Aries, Joe vs. Finn in a cage, and more!

Finally, Train and Seth pay tribute to Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice, both of whom influenced wrestling.

All this and more in another fun filled A1 Podcast!

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