Geekville podcast: Superman To National City


Andrew Kreisberg announced that Superman will be making a full blown appearance in Supergirl Season Two. This means we are getting more than just his silhouette or his boot. This announcement sparked a lot of speculation in the fan community. Could this be connected to Batman V. Superman? Will they hire a known actor? Tom Welling perhaps? Seth and Crazy Train tackle all those ideas and more on this exciting Supergirl news.

Also in Supergirl news, CW executive Pedowski announced that there are ongoing negotiations with Calista Flockhart to reprise her Cat Grant role in Spergirl.

In other DC News, Warner Bros has apparently greenlit a Suicide Squad sequel. Plus Margot Robbie has publicly expressed interest in a Harley Quinn movie.

As for Marvel, Norman Reedus has stated that he’d love to play Ghost Rider. Does The Walking Dead veteran fit the part? Crazy Train is a Ghost Rider aficionado, and he weighs in his opinion on whether Reedus is fit for playing Johnny Blaze.

And finally, Toho has released concept artwork for the upcoming Godzilla: Resurgence film. How does Big G’s look stack p to classic incarnations of The King Of The Monsters?

All this and more in another Geekville Podcast!

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