Geekville Podcast: E3 News, Plus Rogue One And Flarrowverse Cast News


It’s been one busy news week!

Superman has been officially cast for the second season of Supergirl. Seth and Crazy Train look at the casting of Tyler Hoechlin, and what he might bring to the table.

In other Flarrowverse news, casting for three new characters have been made official. Artemis, Vigilante, and Tobias Church are all entering Star City. What does this mean for Ollie? And what can we hope for with Season Five?

On top of that, the official synopsis for the Justice League movie has been released. Does the premise look hopeful after the mixed bag that was Batman V Superman?

Over in the Star Wars Universe, Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the major characters for Rogue One. Not only their names, but their situations as well. How does the first spinoff film look now that we know who’s doing what?

And finally, Seth and Train look at the games they are most looking forward to coming out of E3. Virtual Reality, Sea Of Thieves, Friday The 13th, Star Wars, Star Trek and more all look very promising.

All this and more in another Geekville Podcast!

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