Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: Vengeance On Varos Part One

Photo Copyright BBC
Photo Copyright BBC

Welcome to the mid 1980’s, when music and colors were loud. Colin Baker was in his first full fledged season as The Doctor, with Nicola Bryant’s Peri by his side. Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner, aka JNT, was in full control of the show. This is when the show was at its most controversial times, and when it arguably had some of its best and worst episodes at the same time. This brings us to our next Examining The Doctor subject, Vengeance On Varos. Most definitely controversial for its dark and violent environment, but also worthy of praise with its social commentary nature. Join Mark and Seth as they bring their signature blend of knowledge and humor to this latest installment of Examining The Doctor. See why this story is actually an all time classic. And hear what it was like to be around actual props and costumes used in the story.

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