More on Rousey, Dashwood in ROH, Ziggler’s New Contract

All the Brethren are together as we discuss the latest in the world of pro wrestling.

We discuss further details and possible booking scenarios for Ronda Rousey as she’s slated to sign her contract live on PPV. You know something’s going to happen there. Tenille Dashwood (formerly Emma in WWE) has been added to ROH’s Women of Honor tournament, and Jarret goes off on a tangent about “cool” ring names.

The panel also chimes in on Dolph Ziggler and his status after he signs what has been called a “sweetheart” deal to return to WWE. Austin Aries is also on the docket, and the group takes on the topic of “Izzy the Hugger” – the young Bailey superfan and her “personal appearances” where she’s charging for hugs.

All this and much more on The Wrestling Brethren Podcast!

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