Ongoing WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Coverage

It’s time for WWE’s annual Money In The Bank PPV, with the now obligatory Mens and Womens MITB match. Presumably the winners would challenge for their respective brand’s title. However, I wouldn’t put it past WWE Creative to have somebody switch brands for a surprise challenge.

It has been confirmed that The Bludgeon Bros. will defend the Smackdown Tag Team Championship against The Good Bros. on the Pre-Show.


Kevin Owens was seen backstage with a large trash bag. Charlie Caruso asked what was in it, but Owens responded that it was none of her business. Somebody handed Owens maple syrup. Charlie responded by asking if the bag was full of pancakes. Owens paused, like he’d been found out, but quickly answered “NO!”

Seth Rollins was interviewed, still holding Elias’s broken guitar

Samoa Joe joined the pre-show panel. Kevin Owens interrupted, and pleaded with Joe to help him take out Braun Strowman during the match. Joe would have none of it, and Owens left.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Bros. (Harper & Rowan) b. The Good Bros. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) when Harper pinned Gallows to retain the titles.

It is kind of funny that Luke Harper is only known as Harper now, since God forbid we have two Lukes on the same show. The Good Bros. got some shine in the opening minutes by knocking Harper out of the ring, but the BBs teamed up to knock both Goods down. We then had a commercial… during this commercial for the PPV. Back from the break, Harper and Rowan were working over Anderson, as Gallows was unconscious on the arena floor. Rowan missed a charge into the corner, allowing Anderson to make the hot tag to Gallows. The Good Bros. knocked Rowan out of the ring, and went to hit Harper with The Magic Killer. Rowan broke it up, and helped Harper nail the Powerbomb on Gallows to get the win.


Daniel Bryan s. Big Cass with a Heel Hook

Bryan tried to used his speed to dodge Cass, and used Yes Kicks on the knees. Cass responded by knocking Bryan to the outside. If this was Raw, this would be the commercial cue. Cass used power tactics and bearhugs to wear down Bryan. A side slam scored a two count for Cass. Bryan started a comeback and continued to work on Cass’s knee. Bryan hit his trademark running dropkicks. Cass tried to go for an Empire Slam, but Bryan reversed it into a YesLock. Cass was able to break the count by making it to the ropes. A cross body to the outside decked Cass. Back in the ring, Bryan again went to the top. This time, Cass was ready and hit a top rope Fallaway Slam. Bryan still kicked out at two. Cass used the Torture Rack. Bryan battled back with Chop Blocks and Yes Kicks. Cass used a Big Boot for a near fall. Crowd loudly chanted for Daniel. Bryan retaliated with The Move That Beat John Cena, and followed up with a Heel Hook to get the submission.

A commercial aired for the WWE UK Tournament, starting June 25th.

Backstage, Kevin Owens met with The New Day. He unloaded the trash bag, which was indeed filled with pancakes. Owens again suggested that they help him take out Braun Strowman. Xavier invited Owens to join them for pancakes, but Owens said he doesn’t like pancakes. This angered The New Day, and they kicked him out. Not the most amusing segment

Bobby Lashley p. Sami Zayn with a delayed suplex.

The crowd gave the “Ole” chant at the start of the match. Sami began the match on top, until Lashley came back with power moves. A trio of delayed suplexes gave Lashley a relatively quick win.

Elias was introduced, which got one of the bigger pops of the night. The crowd was into Elias until he eventually turned on them. Corey Graves made an Axl Rose comparison, which made me giggle.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins p. Elias with a roll-up to retain the title.

Back and forth action in the opening minutes. Elias got the upper hand by slamming Rollins’ head into the apron. Rollins made his comeback and hit a DIVE to the outside. Back in the ring, Rollins leapfrogged Elias, but tweaked his knee.  Elias blocked a splash with his knees. Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, and followed it up with another DIVE.  Once again, Rollins hurt his knee. Elias hit a top rope elbow for a two count.  Rollins went for a buckle bomb, only for his knee to give out. The two exchanged roll-ups, with Rollins finally getting the pinfall.

Alexa Bliss won the Womens Money In The Bank Match.

Becky Lynch got shine out the gate with several dropkicks to the outside. Ember Moon splatted Banks onto a ladder with a body press. Lana hit the ring and slammed Moon’s head into a ladder.  Natalya hit the ring and slammed Naomi onto a ladder. Charlotte then decked Nattie. Becky and Charlotte had a tug of war with a ladder, which was broken up by Naomi. Ember and Naomi double teamed Becky before squaring off with each other.  Banks and Charlotte battled, until joined by Banks and Moon. Becky knocked everybody off a ladder. Lynch and Banks battled atop a ladder. The other women set up another ladder and joined in the fight. Several high spots by everybody off ladders.  Lana climbed the ladder, but was met by and tossed off by Naomi. Becky then tossed Naomi off, and battled Charlotte atop the ladder. Everybody hit some big spots, until Becky stood tall atop the ladder. However, Alexa Bliss climbed up, disposed of her, and grabbed the briefcase to claim the win.

Roman Reigns p. Jinder Mahal with a Spear.

Roman ran wild early on, as the crowd chanted “Boring”.  Singh interfered and distracted Reigns, allowing Jinder to get the upper hand. The crowd chanted “This Is Awful” while Jinder used a headlock. Reigns dodged a kneedrop, and started his comeback. Apparently WWE is still convinced that extended headlock spots would get the crowd behind the babyface. NEWS FLASH: It didn’t. Mahal scored a two count with a Gutbuster. Reigns dodged a Khallas and hit a Superman Punch for a near fall. Jinder countered a Spear attempt with a boot, and smashed Roman into the ring post. Samil Singh once again interfered, but was unsuccessful in slamming Reigns into another ring post. Reigns then Superman Punched Singh out of his wheelchair, and followed it up with a Spear. Singh will likely accumulate more injuries because of this. Mahal tried to steal the pin, but Roman kicked out. A Spear later, and it was all over.

Smackdown Womens Champion Carmella p. Asuka with a Superkick to retain the championship.

Carmella ducked Asuka in the opening minutes, and went tot he ropes. Asuka responded by Hip Attacking her to the outside. Asuka controlled the match for the next few minutes. Carmella countered by kicking Asuka to the floor. As Asuka made her comeback, somebody came to the ring dressed in Asuka’s mask. It turned out to be James Ellsworth. In the confusion, Carmella decked Asuka with a Sueprkick and scored the pin.

WWE Champion AJ Styles b. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the title.

A lock up to kick off the match. AJ got the shine early on, but it didn’t take long for the action to spill outside the ring.  The two went back and forth in the ring until Nakamura knocked AJ out to the ring with a knee. The two brawled outside the ring again, with Nakamura gaining control. Nakamura toyed with AJ back in the ring. AJ countered with an Enziguiri, which lead to a double down spot. AJ hit a Forearm, but didn’t get the ten count.   Nakamura was put in the Calf Crusher. Due to the rules, there can be no submission. AJ continued the assault with a chair. Nakamura battled back, but AJ finally won with a Forearm off the top to the outside into the table.

WWE Raw Womens Champion Nia Jax retained the title over Ronda Rousey after a Double Disqualification.

The Champion was introduced first… Ronda came out to the usual Joan Jett. Nia dominated early, using her size to her advantage. Rousey countered a Samoan Drop attempt with an Armbar. A Powerbomb broke up the Armbar. Nia stalked Ronda on the outside, and swung her into the guardrail. Jax hit a Gorilla Press. Ronda locked Nia in a front facelock, only for Nia to power out of it and use a Bearhug. Forearm shots broke Ronda free. Nia landed a two count with a  Samoan Drop. Ronda dodged a legdrop, and a corner splash, before using another armbar over the ropes (Minoru Suzuki style). Ronda scored a near fall with a top rope bodypress, and made her comeback with punches. Ronda was going for the armbar when Alexa Bliss hit the ring and attacked both women with her Money In The Bank briefcase.

After the match, Bliss continued the assault by throwing Rousey into the guardrails and smacking Nia with the briefcase. She then cashed in her Title Shot.

Alexa Bliss p. WWE Womens Champion Nia Jax with Twisted Bliss to win the championship.

Bliss made short work of Nia with a DDT, followed by Twisted Bliss for the three count. The crowd seemed to be happy with Alexa winning.

Mens Money In The Bank

Everybody attacked The Braun Strowman, which ended with Strowman running wild on everybody. The action spilled outside the ring, with everybody hitting Strowman with ladders. Miz used this opportunity to try to get the briefcase. Samoa Joe intercepted to save the match. Kofi hit the ring and did a legrop on Miz. Balor stopped Owens from grabbing the briefcase, then went at it with Roode. Owens Superkicked Balor outside of the ring, and grabbed another ladder. While Owens was climbing his ladder, presumably to jump on Balor, Rusev started climbing the ladder in the ring to grab the briefcase. Owens got back in the ring and stopped Rusev. Kofi tried a dive, only to get caught by everybody. Balor followed up with a dive that scattered everybody like bowling pins. Strowman rose from the ladder wreckage and started his comeback. Rusev, Joe, and Owens triple teamed Strowman and laid him on a table. Owens climbed a nearby ladder. Strowman broke free, climbed the other side of the ladder, and tossed Owens off the top through a table.  He then chokeslammed Kofi, and ran through Balor and Roode. Back in the ring, Miz tried to grab the briefcase, but was caught by Miz. Joe hit the ring and clotheslined Braun over the top rope. Balor followed up by dropkicking Strowman into the crowd. Joe, Roode, Rusev, and Kofi all hit big spots. Rusev was able to lock Kofi, Roode, and Miz in the Accolade at the same time. Joe broke it up with the Kokina Clutch. Rusev disposed of everybody, but was thwarted by Miz. Kofi and Miz battled atop the ladder. Roode toppled both of them off the ladder. Balor attacked Roode and hit a Coup De Gras off the ladder. Strowman came to and powerslammed Roode and Miz. Balor and Strowman were climbing the ladder on each side. Kofi hopped off the top rope and landed on Braun’s back. Strowman continued to climb, knocked Balor off, and disposed of Kofi. With everybody vanquished, Braun stood atop the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. Michael Cole was quick to christen Strowman as The Monster In The Bank.

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