G1 Climax Results B Block Finals – 8/11

Tonight is the night the B Block is decides. As with Block A yesterday, three men are still eligible to win.

Kenny Omega – He has led the entire event, and went unbeaten for his first six matches. Now at 6-2 (12 points), he has the best shot at winning. Since he defeated Naito earlier in the tournament, all he has to do is beat Ibushi. Then no matter what happens in Naito’s match with Zack Sabre Jr., Kenny will still win the block

Kota Ibushi – Like Omega, Ibushi holds a victory over Naito. However, his record is not as good as Omega’s at 5-3 (10 points). This means he has to beat Omega tonight to win. It would tie him at 12 with Omega, but in the G1, ties go to the man who won the match.

Tetsuya Naito – He has the longest shot of winning, as his fate rests on more than just winning.  If he beats Zack Sabre Jr, he would still lose if Omega vs. Ibushi ends with a victory. Both Omega and Ibushi hold victories over Naito, so in order to win, Omega vs. Ibushi has to end in a time limit draw. That would give Omega and Ibushi 13 points to Naito’s 14.

Since there are no A Block matches left, the tag matches on the undercard will be more diverse. It was also announced that if any of the Tongans interfere, all three will be suspended for three months and fined.

Michael Elgin & David Finlay b. Toa Henare & Shota Umino when Finlay pinned Umino with a Stunner. This match is based on the gimmick of a fictional “C Block Championship”. David Finlay had been cutting promos about a C Block the whole tour. The match was originally supposed to be a singles match between Henare and Finlay. But due to an injury to Jado, the card was shuffled and this match was made into a tag match. According to Finlay, the man who gets the pin will win the C Block Championship except for Elgin. So if Elgin gets the pin, Finlay would win the title. Whereas Umino or Henare would win if either of them got the pin. Henare and Umino got some tag offense in early until Elgin cut off Umino. a double tag out to Henare and Finlay, who went back and forth before Umino blind tagged himself in. Umino got Finlay in a Boston Crab that was broken by Elgin. Finlay and Umino went back and forth with several exciting near falls. However, it was Finlay that managed to hit a Stunner on and pin Umino.

Finlay celebrated his victory with his newly won gold thumb trophy.

Bad Luck Fale & Tama Tonga of Bullet Club OG b. Chase Owens & Hangman Page of Bullet Club Elite when Loa pinned Owens with the Over The Shoulder Piledriver. Page and Owens ran out before the bell and attacked. Fale was thrown to the outside, allowing Page and Owens to work over Loa. Page his a Buckshot Lariat and went for the pin, but Fale broke it up. Loa whipped Page into the ropes, and Page turned it into a dive to he outside onto Fale. Loa hit the Over The Shoulder Piledriver during the ruckus and pinned Owens.

NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions The Super Villains (Marty Scurll, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) of Bullet Club Elite b. “Switchblade” Jay White & Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yo) of CHAOS when Scurll submitted Yoh with a Chickenwing. White locked up with Scurll and exchanged holds before tagging out. Sho and You hit some double team moves. Scurll tagged out, which lead to The Bucks and R3K having some exciting tag exchanges. Scurll somehow managed to lock Sho in a Gory Special and Yoh in a Boston Crab at the same times. White broke that up and a muti-man brawl broke out. Scurll went for the Fingerbreaker, which Yoh broke up. White held Scurll for Yoh to hit. Only Scurll dodged and Yoh hit White. This infuriated White, and he left the ring in disgust. Shortly afterward, Scurll locked Yoh in a Chickenwing to get the submission. Both bucks hooked a submmission on Sho, keeping him at bay. White looked for a moment like he was going to break the hold, but instead walked to the back as Yoh submitted.

Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado of Susuki-Gun EVIL & BUSHI of Los Ingobernables De Japon. Of course, since both teams are heels, the action started early and quikly spilled outside the ring. Suzuki and EVIL brawled outside the ring while Desperado choked out Bushi with his own shirt on the inside. Bushi tried to strike back on Suzuki, only to have Suzuki laugh in his face and tie him up in an armbar. Evil tagged in and took it to both Suzuki and Desperado. Suzuki kicked out of a senton and landed several strikes. Evil caught a PK attempt, and traded back and forth elbows. This only served to make Suzuki smile evilly (no pun intended). Suzuki staggered Evil with forearms, and tried a Gotch Piledriver. Evil escaped, but Depserado tagged in and kept Evil from tagging out. A four way broke out. Bushi dropkicked Suzuki to the outside and hit a dive. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Evil hit Everything Is Evil on Desperado to get the win.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe, & Tomoaki Honma b. Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI, & Gedo of CHAOS when Makabe pinned Gedo with a King Kong Knee Drop. Surprisingly, Okada and Tanahashi started the match. Back and forth action between the two superstars that ended in Tanahashi using a Dragon Screw and tagging in Honma. In true Honma fashion, he slammed Okada and missed to Kokeshi headbutt. Okada position Honma for an Elevated DDT (the move that sidelined Honma for over a year) but it was broken up, so Okada hit a kokeshi instead. This drew ire from the crowd as Okada tagged in Gedo. CHAOS got the heat on Honma. Hot tag to Makabe, who took it to Hashi. Gedo got the tag and traded forearms with Makabe. A six-way broke out, which did have Honma hitting the Kokeshi on Okada. Makabe then won the match with a King Kong Knee Drop on Gedo.

After the match, the crowd loudly cheered Honma as he tearfully reached out to them.

Now onto the final tournament matches of B Block.

Toru Yano (4) b. Tama Tonga (4) by DQ when Tonga attacked referees. The referee ejected Loa from ringside before the opening bell. Tonga protested, which Yano capitalized on by rolling him up from behind. Tonga kicked out of several roll-up attempts and whipped Yano into the corner Yano took the opportunity to remove the turnbuckle pad. Tonga sent Yano to the outside repeatedly. Tonga continued his assault in the ring. The referee tried to warn Tonga, and got shoved. Another referee hit the ring and got Gun Stunned. The Tongans came out like they were going to interfere. Several officials tried to stop them, including senior referee Red Shoes. When the referee was Stunned, Red Shoes called for the bell.

IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson (4) NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto (6) Right off the bat, Robinson removed the protective cast from his left hand to keep from being disqualified. Juice got on the offensive early on. Flying Bodypress by Juice for a two-count. Ushi-Garoushi by Goto for a double down. Goto tried presumably for the GTR, but Jucie reversed into a Juice Box. Both men tried to hit their finishers with the other escaping. Finally, Goto hit a reverse GTR. Several more finisher attempts, with Juice finally coming out on top with a Pulp Friction.

An announcement came of the speakers that all three Tongans had been escorted out of the building.

Tomohiro Ishii (6) b. SANADA (8) The two chopped each other vigorously, with Sanada eventually gaining control. Ishii fired up, and started shrugging off Sanada’s strikes. Ishii hit a superplex for a near fall. Back and forth dodges and reversals until Sanada hit a Hurricanrana. Sanada landed a springboad dropkick, and went for a TKO. Ishii caught him and reversed into a Skull End. Sanada escaped and hit a sliding lariat (one of Ishii’s moves). Ishii kicked out. Sanada hit a reverse DDT and a TKO for a near fall. Ishii hit the sliding lariat. Sanada kicked out and dodged a brainbuster. Sanada locked in the Skull End in the middle of the ring. Sanada missed his moonsault finisher, and got chop blocked. Again, the two went back and forth until Sanada hit a Tiger Suplex. Ishii kicked out, and again dodged Sanada’s moonsault. A Shining Wizard by Ishii. Sanada ducked a lariat and went for another Skull End, which Ishii escaped. Ishii landed a pair of clotheslines for a two count, then followed up with a brainbuster to get the hard fought victory.

According two the video player, there is still over 90 minutes left in the show, so these last two matches look like they’re going to take some time.

Zack Sabre Jr. (10) p. Tetsuya Naito (12) with a Zack Driver. Taka cut another promo putting over Sabre. Zack tried attacking Naito, and got tossed outside. Naito did his Tranquilo pose to taunt Sabre. Zack charged in to take advantage of this as put Naito in an armbreaker. Sabre controlled the match for the next several minutes placing Naito in various submission holds. Naito made a comeback and got a near fall with a neckbreaker. Sabre caught a kick and turned it into a STF. Naito made the rope break at the ten minute mark. A lot of crisscrossing and back and forth action before Zack caught Naito in a Triangle Choke. Naito made the rope break, and ate a Penalty Kick. Zack lifted Naito for a Zackdriver, Naito reversed it into an inverted DDT. Sabre kicked out of Gloria and put Naito in an Octopus Hold. After a long struggle, Naito finally made the rope break. Naito hit a flying forearm and went for Destino. Zack turned that into a roll-up. Naito hit Destino, which somehow planted Sabre into a seated position. Sabre looked completely dazed. Naito tried to follow up with a second Destino, but Sabre reversed it into a Zack Driver to get a surpise win.

This eliminated Naito from winning B Block. Sabre of course has already been eliminated. So the winner of Omega vs. Ibushi will be the B Block champion.

Kota Ibushi (10) p. IWGP heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega (12) with a Kamigoye. the two spent the first few minutes, testing each other out. Omega got some omentum after knocking Ibushi outside and slamming him on the apron. Back in the ring, Omega hit a Kintaro Crushher. Ibushi came alive with several kicks. Omega blocked a moonsault with his knees and tried the “You Can’t Escape”. Ibushi escaped by also getting his knees up. The two battled on the apron, and Omega lifted Ibushi for a One Winged Angel. Ibushi escaped and tried the Deadlift German Suplex. Kenny reversed that and hit a Tombston on the apron. Did you know the apron is the hardest part of the ring? Omega hit several more of his signature moves for near falls. Omega hit a dive to the outside. Omega climbed the top rope, but was hit with a Pele kick. Ibushi landed a top rope Hurricanrana for a two-count. A golden Triangle to the outside by Ibushi. Back in the ring Ibushi landed several strikes and a moonsault knee drop. Omega countered with a V-Trigger into the corner and mounted Ibushi onto the top rope. Ibushi flipped out of a top rope Dragon Suplex and hit a Last Ride. Omega kicked out of a Kamigoye. Omega made it to his feet and the two traded strikes. Ibushi decked Omega with a kick, but missed a Phoenix Splash. Omega got a two-count with a Jay Driller. Keny lifted Ibushi for a One Winged Angel. Ibushi tried to counter with a reverse hurricanrana that Omega turned into a piledriver. Omega put Ibushi in position for a top rope One Winged Angel. Ibushi countered with a double stomp and a top rope Tiger Driver for a very close near fall. Ibushi finally hit the Kamigoye knee strike for the hard fought Victory

Kota Ibushi is the B Block winner and will face Hiroshi Tanahashi in the finals tomorrow.

12 Omega
12 Naito
12 Ibushi
12 Sabre
8 Ishii
6 Goto
6 Robinson
6 Yano
4 Tonga

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