New Japan Best of Super Juniors 2019 Entrants

During the Road To Dontaku show yesterday, New Japan Pro Wrestling revealed the entrants into this year’s Best of Super Juniors tournament. Much like the G1 Climax, the BOSJ is a round robin tournament where the winner gets an IWGP Junior Heavyweight title shot at the Dominion even in June.

The entrants are

  1. Ryusuke Taguchi
  2. Tiger Mask IV
  3. Rocky Romero
  4. Sho
  5. Yoh
  6. Will Ospreay
  7. Taiji Ishimori
  8. El Desperado
  9. Taka Michinoku
  10. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  11. BUSHI
  12. Flip Gordon
  13. Titan
  14. Marty Scurll
  15. Dragon Lee
  16. Robbie Eagles
  17. Jonathan Gresham
  18. Bandido
  19. Shingo Takagi
  20. Phantasmo

The tournament will take place over late May/Early June, with the Finals being on June 5th.

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