WWE Money In The Bank Results

WWE’s annual Money In The Bank event is here, with not one, but two Money in The Bank Ladder matches on the card.


The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) b. Smackdown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan in a non-title match when Jimmy pinned Bryan after a Double Use – For some reason there were two commercial breaks during this pre-show matcgh. The heels got the heat on Jey. Jimmy got the hot tag and ran wild. However, when Rowan kicked out of a pin attempt, he sent Jimmy over the top rope. During the second break, Rowan got the heat on both babyfaces and ht a double superplex. Bryan tagged back in, and put Jey in the YesLock. Jimmy broke the hold and hit a dive on Rowan., followed by Jey doing the same. They intercepted a Bryan dive with a double superkick. Jimmy made the cover, despite not being the legal man.

Naoimi made her way down to the ring as the pre-show went off the air.


A graphic was show in memory of Ashley Massaro

After the introduction, they went back to Naomi dancing in the ring. So that means they turned off the music, put everybody in the dark, let Naomi stand out there by herself, and then turned her music back on several minutes later. I’ll never understand that.

Bayley b. Naomi, Carmella, Nikki Cross, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, & Natalya,in the Womens Money In The Bank Match – They said Natalya has competed in more Womens MITB matches than anybody. hasn’t there only been like 3? Almost immediately Cross covered Brooke in the ring apron, and grabbed a ladder. In the ring, she spun the ladder around and smashed everybody like something out of a Three Stooges skit. Carmella apparently injusred her leg and was taken to the back. Natalya and Mandy squished Bayley with a ladder. Dana climbed the ladded, but couldn’t get the briefcase and hug from the hook for a bit. All the other gals started climbing over each other up the ladder. Nattie tipped the ladder over, sending them all crashing to the floor. Ember jumped off another ladder and hit Nattie with a cross body. Carmella limped her way to the ring, with nobody around. Sonya DeVille grabbed Carmella and tossed her off. She ran to the outside and got Mandy back into the ring. She managed to climb the ladder with Mandy on her shoulders. Bayley dashed up the ladder and met them at the top. Somehow the heels, despite it being 2 on 1, had no idea what to do. Bayley tossed them to the mat and grabbed the briefcase.

Backstage, Sami Zayn interrupted HHH to complain about Braun Strowman. HHH said Braun was barred from the building. Obviously this means Braun will show up later.

Backstage Rey Mysterio prepared for his match and was greeted by his son.

Rey Mysterio p. WWE US Champion Samoa Joe with a hurricanrana to win the title – Joe used his size to pummel Mysterio, but after a few minutes, Rey reversed a Powerbomb into a hurricanrana and got the pinned. However, it was clear in the replay that Joe’s left shoulder was up.

After the match, Dominic came to the ring to celebrate with his father. Joe blindsided Rey and beat him down in the ring.

The cage lowered for the Cage match, and a video aired recapping the Shane/Miz feud. It’s still very hard to take Miz seriously as a babyface.

Shane McMahon b. The Miz in a Cage Match by making it to the floor – Immediately after the bell rang, Shane tried to climb the cage to escape. Miz got some shine early on and used the Yes Kicks. Shane got the advantage by powerbombing Miz to the side of the cage. Miz countered a Coast To Coast with a Figure Four. Shane tried to escape the ring through the door, and managed to grab a chairt while he was being brought back in. Miz got the chair first and used it on Shane. Shane got out of a pinfall by putting his foot on the rope. Cole cut into the referee saying there is no DQ in this match. I think it was the same ref that worked the Mania Womens main event. The two battled atop the cage, with shane crashing to the mat, and Miz following up with a splash. Shane kicked out and put Miz in a choke. Miz sescaped and catapulted Shane to the cage wall. Shane clung to the wall like Spider-Man and tried to climb. Miz again met him at the top. He tried to suplex Shane off the top, but Shane slipped through his shirt and fell to the floor.

The announcers stated that Mick Foley will be present at Raw to present WWE’s latest championship. I’m not sure WWE needs another title. I can only assume it’s a womens secondary title, but that’s just me.

HHH was alerted backstage and rushed through the building to find Sami Zayn hanging upside down, like he’d been captured by Batman or something.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese p. Arya Daivari with the Running Knees – Not only was the challenger introduced last, he came out driving a Mercedes roadster. A lot of strikes dodged and countered in the beginning. Daivari got the better of Nese for several minutes. Nese made a comeback, hit a dive to the floor, and got a two count with a 450. Daivari battled back, but fell to the running knee.

HHH found the supposedly barred Braun Strowman backstage, who claimed he didn’t attack Sami. HHH asked him to leave, and Braun said “whatever”.

A recap video aired summarizing the Becky Lynch/Lacey Evans feud.

Raw Womens Champion Becky Lynch s. Lacey Evans with a Disarmer – Lynch got the shine early and tossed Evans around both inside the ring and out. Lacey halted Lynch’s momentum by smacking her face to the mat. After working over Beck for several minutes, Lace mockingly dried herself with a handkerchief like she was working up a sweat. Becky Made her comeback and climbed to the top. Lacey escaped Lynch’s dive and hit a Twist Of Fate like move for a two count. Evans clipped Lynch from behind and tried to roll her up. Again, the referee was out of position. Before the ref could get in the right position, Lynch reversed the roll-up into the Disarmer.

When Lynch started making her way backstage, Charlotte Flair’s music hit and Charlotte came to the ring. She told the referee to ring the bell. Since they didn’t kick off with Becky’s first defense, it was pretty clear something like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bayley cashes in if Charlotte wins.

Charlotte Flair p. Smackdown Womens Champion Becky Lynch with a Big Boot – Charlotte controlled the match at the beginning. Charlotte put Lynch in a Boston Crab, but Lynch made it to the ropes. Becky started making her comeback and knocked Charlotte to the floor. Lacey Evans came to the ring a hit Becky with The Woman’s Right while the referee was distracted. Becky hit a desperation roll-up, only for Charlotte to escape. Charlotte then hit the big boot and covered Lynch to win the match and the title.

After the match, the two heels beat down. Bayley ran out to make the save. Charlotte tried to spear Bayley, who dodged and acused Charlotte to spear the post. Bayley officially cashed in her newly won MITB briefcase.

Bayley p. WW Smackdown Womens Champion Charlotte Flair with a Flying Elbowdrop – Literally one move. Bayley hot the top rope elbow on Charlotte and pinned her.

After the match, Bayley celebrated her win.

Roman Reigns was walking backstage. Elias snuck up behind him and smashed him with his guitar. The camera man must be a bit of a jerk, because he never alerted Reigns that somebody was behind him.

Elias made his way to the ring, and debuted a white Fender Stratocaster instead of his usual acoustic. When he finished his concert, he started walking to the back. Roman ran out and attacked him.

Roman Reigns p. Elias with a Spear – Another very quick match. The second straight match that only lasted few seconds.

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins p. AJ Styles with a Curb Stomp -This match definitely lived up to expectations. A very back and forth match with neither man got any sustained advantage. Rollins countered a Styles Clash and his a frog splash for a two count. The two got a series of near falls on each other with roll-ups. Rollins hit an inverted superlex and Falcon Arrow. AJ kicked out and Rollins fired up for a superkick. AJ managed to reverse int a Calf Crusher, which Rollins managed to escape. AJ reversed a Curb Stomp into a Styles Clash. Rollins kicked out and hit the knee and side kick. A Curb Stomp later and the Champion retained.

After the match, Seth and AJ had a tense staredown. AJ offered a handshake.

Charlie Caruso interviewed Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods.

Lucha House Party came out for an unadvertised six-man tag. They cut promos in Spanish. Lars Sullivan came to the ring and demolished them all. No word on what three men men would have been on the opposing team. This was a moment straight out of a weekly TV show.

A video recapped Kofi’s journey and win at WrestleMania, along with the betrayal by Kevin Owens.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston p. Kevin Owens with a Trouble in Paradise kick – A great match, but the Rollins/AJ match was probably better. Owens did a lot of brawling and (thankfully no sick bumps. Owens controlled most of the match, but Kofi made a comback and got a two count with a SOS. He hit the Trouble In Paradise kick, only for Owens to fall to the floor. Owens hit a Stunner upon re-entering the ring. Kofi got his foot on the rope for the rope break. Kofi hit a second Trouble In Paradise and made the cover.

Brock Lesnar b. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Ricochet, Ali, Randy Orton, Finn Balor, & Andrade in the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match – Yes, you read that correctly. Brock Lesnar won the briefcase. This was exactly what people expect these matches to be. A ton of craxy spots, with bumps of ladders and floors. Way too many to do them all justice. McIntyre & Corbin worked as a team before the eventual backstab. Corbin hit Ricochet with a Deep Six on the floor. Sliced Breads onto ladders. RKOs off of ladders. Everybody had their big tease moment of winning. As soon as Ali climbed the ladder, Brock Lesnar’s music hit. This somehow was beyond Ali’s comprehension, as he somehow lost the ability to grab the briefcase. Lesnar ran all the way out as Ali stood frozen at the top of the ladder. Lesnar dumped Ali of the ladder, and climbed the ladder to claim the briefcase. Very much a TNA finish from back in the day.

That’s all for Money In The Bank, and there’s sure to be some sort of story out of this on Raw. Thanks for reading!

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