Movie Review: “Tree Of Life”

It’s hard to find a more polarizing director than Terrence Malick. The man has made a career out of long, slow moving epics that critics generally love, but general audiences tend to either ignore or flat out hate (movie buffs seem to dig them, though). He has only directed 5 full length features in his long career, starting with the excellent Badlands (1973) and moving on to the critically acclaimed Days of Heaven (1978)and the star studded The Thin Red Line (1998). The Tree of Life is his most complex film yet, and perhaps his most inaccessible. It’s a movie that will test the patience of general film viewers and film buffs, but if you go in with an open mind you may be greatly rewarded. Or you may walk out. Or you may think it’s the most pretentious pile of crap you’ve ever seen. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably going to have a strong opinion on it.

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