State of Pro Wrestling (SoPW)

This is going to be a regular series here at the Blog. My goal is to make it weekly, but there are going to be times when it will stretch longer, due to what is going on in the world of wrestling at the time. To make this easier for the most casual of readers, I’m going to make this a bullet-point format system on my views of Pro Wrestling.

• CM Punk’s situation can only end badly. With Punk “walking away” and the news leaking out before a resolution can/could be reached, all this will generate is uproar and not any “buzz”. If he’s gone for good, it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. If he comes back and doesn’t “get his way”, then it was all for naught.

• The Wyatt Family / Shield feud that is building towards Elimination Chamber is something really special, and it’s a shame it won’t likely go past the February pay-per-view. If built on correctly, this could be a feud that carries through the summer. However, with WWE wanting to turn Roman Reigns into a babyface, this likely ends at EC. It’s a shame too, because the promo war is getting interestingly fun.

• MVP in TNA is the epitome of indifference from this fan’s perspective. It doesn’t make any logical sense, let alone any wrestling sense. Based on what I’ve seen/read (spoilers), it’s nothing new and re-hash of an angle that has been beaten to death, yet resurrected whenever the mood strikes.

• I still like the way the Knockouts are handled over the Divas, but I enjoy the group of Divas more than the Knockouts.

• Goldust coming back and working his ass off is paying dividends. New Age Outlaws and Batista… not so much.

• Ring of Honor is going to be getting one more viewer, as I will be watching their weekly TV show… online of course, since Sinclair isn’t available in Chicago. I’m hoping it’s better than my view of Impact Wrestling.

• If you haven’t already, check out the Mike & Maria in Wonderland Podcast over at

• Apparently there are “rumors” out there of Hulk Hogan being the Host of WrestleMania XXX, much like The Rock was for WrestleMania 28. Another rumor is that if they should succeed in bringing in Sting; his main role on-air would be the new, permanent RAW General Manager. Um… yeah… so, there’s that.

• The Authority gimmick has run it’s course. It is nowhere near what it started out as, and they can’t make up their mind week-to-week if they’re faces or heels. Triple H started out like he had a personal agenda against Daniel Bryan, and now he’s leading a YES chant. They need to pick a direction and stick with it, or better yet, get off my TV screen altogether.

• If you’re going to showcase Emma from NXT and try to get the fans into her dance, wouldn’t it have been better to show some highlights from NXT or a few video packages before having her in the ring, doing her dance to crickets?

• Betty White is going to be the special guest on RAW next week. Are they looking to fill the Mae Young void already? Cole mentioned “back on RAW” …. did I miss her first appearance? That’s probably a good thing.

• Reports have The Miz and Dolph Ziggler becoming a tag team of “disgruntled” employees. Hence the WWE App promo from Ziggler, and The Miz’ interruption on RAW. Will CM Punk manage them?

• Why is Natalya regulated to Superstars and Main Event now? Oh that’s right, Creative can only write for one Diva challenging AJ at a time.

• Have you seen Naomi’s pic of her injured eye? DAMN! Eat your heart out, John Cena.

That’s all for this installment. Maybe Smackdown will be good this week. I’ve read all the spoilers for Impact. Not impressed. Maybe it’ll play out better on TV, but I won’t hold my breath. Thanks for reading!

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