Yes Virginia, The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Movie Is Finally Happening

Marvel's Merc With A Mouth is due in theaters early 2016
Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth is due in theaters early 2016

Another long rumored Marvel casting looks to be finally done. Ryan Reynolds will be donning the red and black tights to portray the “Merc With A Mouth” Deadpool.

Reynolds himself teased the motion with the following Twitter post:

When the test footage leaked, it caused quite the reaction in the fan community… Mostly positive. It’s possible that reaction may have played a factor in Fox’s decision to go ahead with the movie production.

Like X-Men and Fantastic Four, Deadpool’s film rights are owned by Fox. This means Deadpool’s chances of taking part in the Phase Three stories announced a few weeks back are pretty much zilch. However, Deadpool fans worldwide can at least look forward to finally seeing the chimichanga loving mutant on the big screen in what appears to be a more faithful treatment.

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