Geekville Podcast Episode 97: Holy Chimichangas, A Deadpool Trailer!


Geekville is back with a fun filled news show! The Fantastic Four not only bombed at the box office, it was universally panned by critics and fans alike. Crazy Train and RealMarchHare join the show to talk about how this Fantastic Four may be looked at as the worst comic to film adaption of all time. In happier news, the Deadpool trailers hit last week and they actually make the movie look promising. Hare talks all things Deadpool, and points out how well they seem to have done justice to the character. In the latter half of the show, the panel talks Stephen Amell’s appearance for WWE, and that he will actually be wrestling at SummerSlam. How does Amell’s involvement fare with that other celebrities in wrestling? And is this something we can look forward to?

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Podcast!

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