Geekville Podcast: Black Panther Movie News, Agents Of SHIELD Civil War Tie-Ins, Arrowverse, and More!


Two high profile names in Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o have been attached to the upcoming Black Panther movie, set for release in 2018. What type of characters could they be playing? And how will this movie tie in to the other Marvel Cinematic Universe titles? Seth and Crazy Train talk the news as well as the ambition of a Black Panther movie.

In other MCU news, Agents Of SHIELD had their tie-in to Captain America Civil War. On top of that they killed off a recurring character, and have teased that a series regular will bite the dust in the season finale? Who could on their way out?

Supergirl is flying to CW for Season Two. Is this a good or bad thing? And with all the “Arrowverse” shows winding down, will there be any other crossovers in their respective finales? Legends Of Tomorrow anybody?

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Podcast!

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