MATCH OF THE DAY: The Midnight Rockers & Curt Hennig vs. Buddy Rose, Alexis Smirnoff, & Doug Somers

AWA, 1986 – Hulkamania may have been running wild nationally, but there were still other promotions with national programming. Here in Oakland CA, a young Curt Hennig teams with The Midnight Rockers, who are of course Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty before they jumped to the then World Wrestling Federation to become The Rockers. Their opponents are “Playboy” Buddy Rose, Alexis Smirnoff, and Doug Somers, who are managed by Sherri Martel. Sherri would of course joined The WWF a few years later to become Sensational Sherri.

This was also before copyright lawsuits ran wild over TV usage rights, so you may notice actual Top 40 80’s hits being used as theme music.

Commentary by Rod Trongard and Greg Gagne

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