Overlooking the Diva(s)

Originally I was going to make this entry a long post about how I would go about fixing the Divas division in WWE. However, that has proven to be a tougher task then I thought. Although that may still make an appearance on this blog, this post is to express my frustration with one Diva in particular that is continuously being passed over.

Earlier in the week, there was a report from the Wrestling Observer that WWE might be interested in bringing up Divas from NXT to the main roster. While that news in and of itself  is good because new and fresh talent is always welcome to the mix, the reasoning is what I question.

A major problem is a lack of challengers for the Divas Title, with the same Divas having been in the title picture for some time.

To quote The Miz… Really? Really? REALLY?

We will set aside TV for a minute, and let’s have a look at 2012 PPVs, shall we?

Royal Rumble: Eight-Diva Tag Match, no Divas title defense
Elimination Chamber: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Tamina Snuka
WrestleMania XXVIII: Kelly Kelly/Maria Menounos def. Beth Phoenix (c)/Eve Torres, no Divas Title defense
Extreme Rules: Layla def. Nikki Bella (c) for the Divas Championship
Over the Limit: Layla (c) def. Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas Championship
No Way Out: Layla (c) def. Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas Championship
Money in the Bank: Six-Divas Tag Match, no Divas title defense
SummerSlam: No Divas on the PPV card
Night of Champions: Eve Torres def. Layla (c) to win the Divas Championship
Hell in a Cell: Eve Torres (c) def. Layla and Kaitlyn to retain the Divas Championship
Survivor Series: Eve Torres (c) will defend the Divas Championship against Kaitlyn

Now if we review all those results… there is one constant. Nowhere in 2012 on Pay Per View does Natalya have a title shot. In fact, the only two Pay Per Views she was on in 2012, are the two multi-Diva tag matches (RR and MitB). I’m not going to review every week of TV, but off the top of my head, I don’t recall Natalya getting a title shot. Instead, she’s putting over the likes of Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox (who has to be catching Big Show and Kane for number of face/heel turns; she seems to turn every month), Layla, and AJ Lee. Why WWE continuously glosses over her is beyond me. She is arguably the most talented in-ring performer they have on the active roster. They could easily breathe new life into the title picture – not to mention her character in general – by having her challenge Eve Torres for the Divas title. They could even, oh I don’t know, drag out a feud to span several PPV events.

God forbid they try to build her up as a legitimate threat to whomever is the Divas champion. Natalya is a great WWE ambassador overseas, but she’s rarely given TV time this year (unless she’s farting backstage), and she seems to be a talent-enhancer instead of being given the opportunity to shine on her own.

If WWE wants to bring up Divas from NXT to enhance the division and breath new life into it, they had better have some character building ideas and storylines to go along with it. However, while you’re doing that… you better get Natalya into the title scene before having her put over one of the NXT’ers, because otherwise you’re doing the WWE, the WWE Universe, and Natalya herself a giant disservice.

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