The Year Of El Patron?

2015 may be The Year of Alberto El Patron.

As reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the former Alberto Del Rio may be TNA bound in January of 2015. This is on top of reports that he may be appearing for both Lucha Underground in America, and AAA for Mexico. Given the common nature of today’s companies, this seems like an unusual position for the former WWE Champion.

TNA, like WWE, usually has most of their talent under exclusive contracts. This means they cannot appear for another promotion, especially one with television or PPV programming, unless given company permission. This is a common practice, as it is the company name attachment that will elevate the talent’s appeal. However, House Of Hardcore booked several TNA contracted talents on their iPPV, including Jeff Hardy and World Champion Bobby Roode.

In the case of HoH, this is a one-time event. The difference with Lucha Underground is it is an ongoing weekly show with ongoing angles. Is this a sign of a special circumstance for El Patron? Or could TNA be more open to ongoing working relationships with other promotions? The answer has yet to be seen. But with 2015 looming, and Dixie Carter promising an update later today on TNA’s future, the wait may not be very long.

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