Geekville Superhero Sunday: Condorman (1981)


It’s Superhero Sunday here at Geekville, where we bring you a feature on superhero lore. It could be a movie, comic title, hero, villain, memorabilia, etc… As usual our goal is to educate and hopefully entertain.

Warner Bros’ 1978 Superman sparked a rush of superhero movies and TV shows over the ensuing few years. Disney’s entry into the genre was 1981’s Condorman. unlike most superhero titles, Condorman was not based on any existing comic book character. It presented its own character, and was also a take-off of the Cold War Era and James Bond style spy films.

Condorman tells the story of Woody Wilson, and aspiring comic artist and writer. His best creation is… you guessed it, Condorman. Condorman uses gadgets and tools to combat crime, and Wilson’s attention to realism inspire him to create a working flying suit. The results go less than planned, but Wilson is undeterred.

Woody Wilson woefully wishes his whiskey wasn't warm
Woody Wilson woefully wishes his whiskey wasn’t warm

Through a comedy of errors, Woody ends up mistaken for a super agent helping in the defection of KGB Agent Natalia Rambova (Barbara Carrera, who herself played a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again) to America. The Soviet villains, who all drive the completely inconspicuous looking black Porsche 911 Turbos, fight to capture Natalia. Wilson, now in a position to live his creation, uses his suits, cars, and gadgets to aid in his tasks.

Condorman races into action in his Condormobile!
Condorman races into action in his Condormobile!

The movie bombed at the box office, but did gain a cult status in home video. The soundtrack by the legendary Henry Mancini of Pink Panther fame was never commercially released until recently.

Given the film’s less than stellar reception, the idea of new Condorman adventures seems very unlikely. However, Disney now owns Marvel. Is it asking too much for a Condorman cameo in Avengers 3?

Condorman is available at Amazon in both digital and DVD format.

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