New Star Wars Trailer Description


Well, they finally showed the highly anticipated new trailer for The Force Awakens. I know it will be hitting the internets any moment, but I wanted to write a description while it was still fresh in my mind.

-The trailer begins with the familiar LucasFilm logo, and the Skywalker/Force theme

-Black screen. Voiceover of Mark Hamill/Luke with dialogue from Return Of The Jedi.

-“The Force is strong in my family…” distant shot of a speeder zipping hrough the desert. There is a crashed Star Destroyer in the background.

-“My father has it…” A burnt and busted Vader mask is shown… and it looks like the skull is still in it. Weird, but it’ll blow some minds looking at it.

-“I have it…” Luke’s lightsaber, the classic blue one, is passed from one person to another.

-“and my sister has it.”

-Then the montage begins, more classic music plays Among the scenes shown (in no particular order):

-X-Wings flying into battle near the ground

-A battle in what appears to be a TIE Fighter hangar bay

-BB-8 peering around a corner

-The Millennium Falcon evadind pursuing TIE Fighters in what looks to be the hull of a giant crashed spacecraft. Possibly the Star Destroyer from earlier

-The Chrome Trooper in a corridor

-A masked figure, possibly Kylo Ren, swinging the triple bladed lightsaber at the screen. The mask is reminiscent of Darth Revan.

-Jon Boyega removing his helmet

-TIE Fighters exploding with a blue sky background. Possibly from the same sequence of the Millennium Falcon earlier.

-The screen goes black. Then, as a stinger, you hear Han say “Chewie… we’re home…”. The screen comes back and you see Han in a black jacket standing next to Chewbacca in the Falcon.

I know some of this will be a little inaccurate. This was just an initial reaction to a first viewing of the trailer. It really was a perfect trailer because we still don’t really know anything about the plot.

More to come later. I’m hitting the booths and panels now.

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