Ewan McGregor: Disney Should Do Obi-Wan Story, But He Doesn’t Care For The Cross-Saber

obi-wanEwan McGregor says he’d be “happy to” play the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi again. The 44 year-old actor recently spoke to Thompson On Hollywood about Star Wars and many other subjects.

“I’ll say it publicly, here, now. I’d be happy to do the story between Episode 3, that I finished in, and Episode 4 that Alec Guinness started in. I think that would be good. Disney should definitely do that.” McGregor is no stranger to Disney. He is also set to work on a live action adaptation of 1991’s Beauty And The Beast.

As for the now infamous “crossguard saber”? Ewan is not a fan of it. “I saw the trailer and it looks like he absolutely nailed it and it feels right. But I’m not sure about the [crossguard] lightsaber. If you fight with a lightsaber properly you don’t need one.”

There you have it. Master Obi-Wan himself is not really a fan of the cross-saber design. Take that for what you will.

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