Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor Episode 14: Examining The Five Doctors


Doctor Who fans fan rejoice, Examining The Doctor is back! It’s a new era, as the format of the show has officially shifted from examining all of The Doctor’s incarnations to examining stories. Each new episode will look at a specific story, and will provide a commentary track to be played during the episodes. Many of the classic, (and not so classic) stories will be examined, both old and new alike.

History, insight, and jokes aplenty to be found. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and movie riffings a la Mystery Science Theater or Riffrax, you’ll love this new format. The first story to be examined is the 1983 classic The Five Doctors, which aired for the show’s 20th Anniversary.

Grab a Jelly Baby, reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, and when I say “Run!”, run…. Got it? Fantastic! Geronimo!

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