Geekville Presents Examining The Dead Episode 4: HE’S ALIVE!


Uncle Greg returns to the show to join Crazy Train and Zandrax about The Walking Dead, and the revelation that fan favorite Glenn is in fact alive. Plus, in the mid-season finale, viewers finally got the first hints of popular villain Negan and his group, The Saviors. What’s to come for the second half of Season Five? And of course the monthly question: Who’s the next to go?

Ash vs. Evil Dead is now officially halfway through its first season. How has the show been, and has the trademark “splatstick” comedy is integral to th continued to live up to the classic Sam Raimi standards?

Finally, Crazy Train takes the helm to talk Z-Nation on Syfy.

All this is discussed and more in another excursion into The Zombie Apocalypse via Examining The Dead!

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