Geekville Podcast: Captan America Civil War Review


Arguably the most hotly anticipated movie of the Summer has arrived in Captain America: Civil War. With an estimated $181 million opening, it’s also one of the biggest openers of all time. Did it live up to the hype? How well did it stack up to the comic story? And what next for Cap? There are plenty of spoilers, so only listen after you’ve seen the movie. We placed the review in the second half of the show so you can easily avoid said spoilers.

In other news, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. What fun titles were out on this new pasttime of comic fans?

Plus, Disney has found their Young Han Solo in Alden Ehrenreich. Does he have the acting chops? And what kind of depiction will we get in a younger Han Solo?

Finally, The Avengers Infinity War movies are getting renamed. Why is this happening? And will it affect Phase 4?

All this and more in another fun-filled A1 Podcast.

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