Geekville Podcast: X-Men To The MCU? Plus More Arrow News


Bettwr late than never. This week’s news addresses the rumor that Marvel has met with 20th Century Fox executives about a “Spider-Man like” deal that would allow Fox licensed Marvel properties to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may just be a rumor, but if true that could open up a huge opportunity for character interaction. Who could be most likely to jump into the MCU? Wolverine? Deadpool? Cyclops?

In Arrowverse news, Cody Rhodes is set to resume his onscreen feud with Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen in Arrow Season 5. Plus, Tom Felton has landed a regular role in Flash Season 3. Who could the former Draco Malfoy be playing?

Vixen has been cast as a regular for Legends Of Tomorrow, but with a different actress. Why the chage? And what could this mean for the crew of The Waverider?

Crazy Train review Now You See Me 2, while Seth gets caught up on Civil War II, DC Rebirth, and addresses the resolution of the whole “Captain America Is a HYDRA Agent” storyline.

All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast!

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