A1 Podcast: Brand Split PPVs Revealed?


Some interesting news to look into this week. Allegedly the PPV schedule has leaked for WWE post brand split. Not only will there by two PPVs per month, but some old names are getting dusted off. What events are going to be Raw or Smackdown in the upcoming months?

In other WWE news, Kurt Angle is apparently not returning to the company anytime soon. What could the future hold for the Olympic Gold Medalist?

New Japan has announced the contestants for the annual G1 Climax tournament. Who’s new this year? And most importantly, who’s likely to win and get that prestigeous IWGP World Heavyweight Title shot at WrestleKingdom?

Finally, Seth previews the first three days of matches for the A1 Cup fantasy tournament. Get a tast of what’s to come for the annual A1 tradition.

All this and more in another fun-filled A1 Podcast!

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