G1 Climax B Block Night 7 Results – 8/05

G1 Climax B Block Night 7 Results, 8/05 – Full Show with Japanese Commentary

Chase Owens p. Katsuya Kitamura with a Package Piledriver. Owens was clearly taking Kitamura lightly, as he would chop Kitamura and gloat to the crowd. Kitamura would keep bringing the fight. Then Owens dumped Kitamura to the outside and hit a dive. Back in the ring Owens used headlocks and chinlocks. Kitamura rallied with a spear and gut wrench suplex. Owens tried to battle back with kicks. Kitamura missed a corner splash, to which Owens hit a blockbuster, followed by a Package Piledriver to get the pin.

Suzuki-Gun (Zack Sabre Jr., El Desperado, & Taichi) b. Yuji Nagata, Shota Umino, & Tetsuhiro Yagi when Desperado submitted Umino with the Stretch Muffler. Yagi started out the match by taking it to Taichi, but that didn’t go well as Taichi seemed unfazed by Yagi’s strikes, and toyed with The Young Lion. Yagi did manage to land a dropkick and a slam, so he could tag out to Yuji. Taichi tagged in Zack, and the two A Block competitors exchanged strikes. Nagata went for an Exploder Suplex, which Sabre blocked with a chinlock. An Octopus Hold on Nagata. Desperado tagged in, and the heels tried to double team Yuji, who fended them both off and tagged in Umino. The faces triple teamed Desperado, and Umino put him in a Boston Crab which got broken up by Taichi. Desperado hit a spinebuster for a two count, and put Umino in the Stretch Muffler to get the submission. Desperado even kept Umino in the hold while Taichi kicked him, just to add insult to injury.

Bad Luck Fale & Yujiro Takahashi of Bullet Club b. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tomoyuki Oka when Takahashi pinned Oka with the Pimp Juice DDT. Tenzan started the match by shoulderblocking Fale, who didn’t budge. Double tag out to Oka and Yujiro. Fale and Tenzan fought on the outside while Takahashi took it to Oka. The heels took turns working over Oka. Hot tag to Tenzan who ran wild on Takahashi, scoring a few near falls. Oka tagged back in and powerslammed Takahashi, but Fale broke up the pin. Tenzan clotheslined Fale to the outside. Oka valiantly battled Takahashi, but fell to the Pimp Juice.

Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, & Hiromu Takahashi) b. Togi Makabe, Tiger Mask, & Hirai Kawato when Bushi submitted Kawato with a Boston Crab. Naito spat at Makabe, which enraged Makabe. After a brief exchange, Naito tagged out to Hiromu. Tiger tagged in and went at it with Hiromu. The heels started working over Tiger. Hot tag to Makabe who knocked around all three heels. Naito cornered Makabe and hit several strikes and a dropkick. Makabe tagged in Kawato while Naito tagged in Bushi. Takahashi broke up a Boston Crab. A Multi-Man brawl escalated, but Makabe knocked both Naito and Takahashi out of the ring. Bushi put Kawato in a Boston Crab of his own as the other heels kept Makabe and Tiger out of the ring.

After the match, Makabe tackled Naito and the two had to be separated. Then when Makabe turned to leave Naito cheap shotted him from behind.

CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii, & YOSHI-HASHI) b. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, & David Finlay when Goto pinned Finlay with a GTR. Ishii began the match with Tanahashi, and no-sold Tanahashi’s punches. He backed Tanahashi into CHAOS’s corner and tagged in Hashi. CHAOS took turns and triple teamed Tanahashi for the heat. Finally, Ibushi got the hot tag and taid into Hashi with kicks and a moonsault. Hashi responded with a lariat. Double tag out to Finlay and Goto. Multi-Man Brawl broke out, with Goto landing an Ushigaroushi and a GTR on Finlay for the pinfall victory.

Tournament Matches

Toru Yano p. Tama Tonga with a low blow. Tonga snuck up behind Yano, chased him around the ring, and taped him to the barricade. Yano still managed to free himself and beat the count. Yano tried doiing his “BREAK! BREAK! BREAK!” bit, only for Tonga to do it too. They both tried removing the turnbuckle pads, but only Yano was successful. Yano hit Tonga with the turnbuckle pad, and left the ring to get the ring bell hammer. Tonga got the hammer from him and chased him into the ring. Yano got the hammer back and acted like he was goiing to hit Tonga. The referee intervened to take the hammer from Yano. Of course, this is when Yano was able to low blow Tonga and roll him up for the pin.

Satoshi Kojima p. Sanada with a Western Lariat. A lockup with a clean break by Sanada to start things off. Another lockup with a clean break by Kojima. Both men dodged and reversed each other a lot in the opening minutes until Sanada put Kojima in the Paradise Lock and dropkicked him. Sanada started disrespecting Kojima by punching him and using Kojima’s own Machine Gun Chops. Kojima returned the favor moments later. Sanada hit his springboard dropkick. Kojima hit a Koji Cutter and a suplex for a two count. Sanada ducked a Lariat and tried to put Kojima in the Skull End, to which Kojima tried to reverse into a suplex. Sanada hit the suplex instead, followed by a F5 like move. Sanada then locked in the Skull End. Kojima was unresponsive to the referee, so Sanada went for the pin with a moonsault. Kojima dodged the moonsault, as well as a second moonsault attempt. He hit Sanada with a lariat from behind, and a CCD (Emerald Flowsion) for a near fall. A left and right arm lariat later, and Kojima finally got himself on the board with a pinfall victory.

Michael Elgin p. Minoru Suzuki with a powerbomb. As usual, Suzuki was accompanied by minions. This time it was El Desperado and Taichi. Before Elgin made it to the ring, Suzuki-Gun knocked away the steps to the ring because they’re dicks like that. Desperado tried to distract Elgin so Suzuki could attack from behind, but Elgin was too smart. He dodged Suzuki and kicked Desperado to the barricade. Suzuki and Elgin brawled outside the ring, but when Elgin tried to get back in the ring, Suzuki locked in his cross armbreaker in the ropes. Elgin fell back to the outside, but caught a Penalty Kick attempt by Suzuki. He caught Suzuki in a fireman’s carry, and that’s when the minons struck. Triple team on the outside with chairs, focusing on the right shoulder Suzuki tied up in the ropes. Suzuki would distract referee Red Shoes, allowing Desperado and Taichi to stomp Elgin into oblivion. Back in the ring, Suzuki continued the assault on Elgin’s shoulder. Elgin made a comeback after a powerslam, but favored his right arm when doing clotheslines. Suzuki capitalized and put Elgins right arm in an armbar. Of course, Suzuki would also distract Red Shoes so the minions could smash Elgin’s shoulder with a chair. Elgin blocked a cross armbreaker, powered out of a Gotch Piledriver, and hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count. A Buckle Bomb caused Suzuki to accidentally on purpose fall into Red Shoes. Thus, Taichi and Desperado struck again. Elgin laid them both out at once with a double fallaway slam, and lifed Suzuki for a powerbomb. Suzuki ducked behind Elgin and hooked in a sleeper. Elgin dodged a piledriver attempt and finally landed a powerbomb to get the win.

Juice Robinson p. Kenny Omega with a roll up. Kenny would mockingly do breaks in the corner and slap Juice in the face. Shine on Juice as he outwrestled Kenny with armdrags and clotheslines. High Cross Body by Juice for a near fall. Great storytelling with Omega thinking he had the night off, then realizing he had a fight on his hands. Omega tried Suplexing Juice to the outside, but the momentum threw them both on the floor. Kenny then did the Figure Four around the ringpost, and slammed Juice onto a table. Back in the ring Omega continued to work on the leg. Juice hit an inverted DDT to start a comeback. Kenny tried to cut him off with a moonsault, but Juice got his knees up. Powerbomb by Juice for a two count. Kenny reversed a Pulp Friction with a Dragon Suplex and hit a neckbreaker. Juice hit a leg lariat and went for a Pulp Friction. Omega countered with a V-Trigger and went for the One Winged Angel, but Juice got out and went for another Pulp Fiction. Kenny countered with a reverse hurricanrana, hit another V-Trigger, and went to finish off Juice with a One Winged Angel. Juice miraculously countered by rolling him up and getting the upset pin. Now THAT was a surprise! This will likely mean Juice will get a US Title shot, because wins and losses matter in New Japan.

EVIL p. Kazuchika Okada with a STO. Well whatever knockout issue Evil had must have been minor because he was back in the main event for this show. Evil on the offensive early with a kick to the gut and a shoulderblock. Okada battled back with a shoulderblock of his own and a basement dropkick. Evil whipped Okada into the barricade, and hit Okada with his Dual Chair spot. Back in the ring, Evil had regained control. Okada battled back with forearms. Side Slam by Evil for a near fall. Okada with a Flapjack. A huge battle in the corner. Okada landed his top rope elbow and signaled for a Rainmaker. Evil blocked it with a kick. Dropkick by Okada that dropped Evil to the outside. Evil hit Okada with a chair, and set up several other chairs in the crowd. Okada got slammed onto this newly assembled pile of chairs. Evil scrambled back to the ring. Rather than take the countout victory, Evil, the dastardly heel, went back outside to bring Okada back into the ring. Okada kicked out of a sit out powerbomb, and started his comeback by blocking an STO. Evil placed Okada on the top rope for a superplex, but Okada knocked him off, and hit a top rope dropkick.Too Awesome Dropkick on Evil. Evil battled out of a Rainmaker attempt, but Okada still cut him off. Evil decked Okada with a clothesline, and hit a German Suplex. Okada hit a Rainmaker, but was apparently too exhausted to make the cover. Okada eventially made it to his feet and hit a second Rainmaker. He went for a third, but Evil ducked and went for a STO. Okada dodged that and again went for a Rainmaker. Then amazingly, EVIL reversed a Rainmaker into the STO and PINNED THE IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. This is the first singles pinfall loss Okada has suffered in over a year. Think about that for a minute folks. This undoubtedly means EVIL is getting an IWGP Heavyweight Championship Title Match.


12 Kazuchika Okada
10 Kenny Omega
8 Minoru Suzuki
8 Sanada
6 Michael Elgin
6 Toru Yano
4 Juice Robinson
4 Tama Tonga
2 Satoshi Kojima

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