G1 Climax Night 7 A Block – 7/22

Night 7 of G1 marks the fourth day of A Block matches.

The Guerrillas Of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) b. Toa Henare & Shota Umino when Loa pinned Umino with a Piledriver. Loa jumped Henare before the bell, and Tonga whipped Umino into the guardrail on the outside. The GODs got the heat on Henare. Umino tagged in and got some offense on Loa. In a funny moment, Umino did a dropkick that didn’t come close to touching Loa, but Loa sold it anyway. Umino hit both GODs with a missile dropkick. However, soon after that, Loa was able to land his Over The Shoulder Piledriver on Umino to score the pin.

After the match, GOD blindsided Umino and Henare from behind, because they’re jerks.

Hirooki Goto & Yoh of CHAOS b. Toru Yano & Gedo, also of CHAOS, when Yoh pinned Gedo with a roll-up. All four stablemates shook hands before the match. Gedo and Yoh locked up to start the match. Yano tripped Yoh from outside, enabling Gedo to take control of the match. Yano removed a turnbuckle pad so Yoh could be thrown into the exposed buckle. Goto got a tag and went back and forth with Yano. When Yoh tagged back in, head and Gedo exchanged several pinning combinations, with Yoh getting the win with a bridging pin.

Tomohiro Ishii & Sho of CHAOS b. Zack Sabre Jr. & Taka Michinoku of Suzuki-Gun when Sho submitted Michinoku with a cross armbreaker. Sho decked Taka with a dropkick early on. Sabre tagged in and grounded Sho so he and Taka could double team him. Sho made the tag, and Ishii went at it with Sabre. ZSJ tied Ishii up with different hold, but couldn’t get a submission. Taka tagged back in, and got suplexed by Ishii. Sho tagged back in and applied a cross armbreaker to Taka, and got the submission victory.

After the match, Sabre tied up Ishii in a hold, just to be a dick.

IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson & David Finlay b. IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega & Chase Owens when Robinson pinned Owens with a Juice Box. Omega and Juice shook hands before the match, and Omega even gave Finlay a high five. However, Omega did use an arm wringer on Juice’s injured hand, and Juice got upset. Omega apologized and tagged out. Juice and Finlay double teamed Owens. Owens battled back, and he and Omega took rapid turns working voer Finlay. Juice tagged in and punched took on both opponents. He escaped a Package Piledriver and hit Owens with the Juice Box.

Tetsuya Naito & SANADA of Los Ingobernables De Japon b. Kota Ibushi & Yujiro Takahashi when Naito pinned Takahashi with a Victory Roll. Ibushi & Sanada began the match in a preview of their upcoming B Block tournament match. Ibushi got the better of Sanada, leading to Sanada tagging out to Naito. Ibushi did likewise, and helped Takahashi double team Naito. Ibushi got decked by a neckbreaker by Naito. Both teams tagged in and out rapidly, exchanging a lot of offense. Yujiro went for the Pimp Juice DDT on Naito, but Sanada broke it up and tried the Skull End on him. Ibushi broke it up with a missile dropkick. A brief four way broke out, and Naito got a surprise pin with a Victory Roll on Takahashi.

YOSHI-HASHI p. Michael Elgin with Karma. Elgin used his power advantage to control the opening mintues. Hashi tried comeback by hitting a Headhunter. Elgin hit a German Suplex and a popup powerbomb for a two count. Elgin went for a Splash Mountain, but Hashi reversed it. Both men exchanged chops, which Elgin won easily. Hashi made a comeback with a German Suplex of his own. He followed that up with swanton for a near fall. Elgin reversed a Butterfly Lock attempt into a slam. Hashi kicked out of a superplex, and escaped a Buckle Bomb. Elgin leveled Hashi with a Lariat, but still couldn’t get the pin. Hashi even kicked out of a Splash Mountain. Hashi escaped a Burning Hammer and hit a Fishermans Buster for a near fall. Before Elgin could react, Hashi hit Karma for his first victory in the tournament.

EVIL (4) b. Bad Luck Fale (2) via DQ after interference. Tanga Loa accompanied Fale to the ring. The match wasted no time in going out to the floor. Fale threw Evil into the seats, and almost won by countout. When Evil made it back to the ring, Fale kept attacking the right arm. The action again went to the outside, but this time Evil was able to mount a comeback and use a chair on Fale. Back in the ring, Evil tried to suplex Fale to no avail. He then tried a running shoulderblock, but simply bounced off the larger Fale. Evil kicked out of a lariat, and escaped a Bad Luck Fall. Evil finally took Fale off his feet with a lariat, but couldn’t get the pin. Fale shoved his way out of an Everything Is Evil attempt, and Evil crashed into the referee. With the referee down, Loa entered the ring. Fale held Evil so Loa could hit a knee, but Evil dodged and Loa hit Fale. Bushi, Tama Tonga, and Naito came out and a wild brawl broke out. Evil hit Everything Is Evil, but the referee didn’t make the count, and demanded everybody not in the match to vacate the ring. Instead of leaving the ring, Tonga hit a Gun Stun on Evil, which caused a DQ.

Minoru Suzuki (2) p. Jay White (6) with a Gotch Piledriver. White stalled in the opening minutes, constantly backing out of the ring when Suzuki approached him. Eventually, Suzuki just followed him outside and attacked anyway. White recovered and thwacked Suzuki on the apron and guardrail. Back in the ring, White taunted saying “There’s your king!” and choked Suzuki with the ring apron. White applied the Muta-Lock (Inverted STF) to try a submission. Suzuki manipulated his way out and hit a trio of Penalty Kicks. White tried to fight back, only to have Suzuki taunt him further. Suzuki erupted into a flurry of strikes. Red Shoes tried to stop the barrage, but was tossed aside. Suzuki blocked a low blow attempt, and landed the Gotch Piledriver to hand White his first loss of the tournament.

Hiroshi Tanahashi (4) p. Hangman Page (2) with a High Fly Flow. Tanahashi handed Page an air guitar and asked him to play. Page responed by smashing it, to Tanahashi’s dismay. Page went on the offense and targeted Tanahashi’s leg. Both men tried to kick each other and simultaneously caught each other’s leg. Tanahshi Dragon Screwed Page to the mat and took control of the match. Page kicked out of a senton and dropped Tanahashi with a Shooting Star to the floor. The two went back and forth exchanging forearms. Page kicked out of a Slingblade, but couldn’t escape a pair of High Fly Flows.

Kazuchika Okada (2) Togi Makabe (4) with a Rainmaker. The two brawled outside the ring, with Makabe wrapping his chain around his arm, presumably for a clothesline. Okada beat Makabe to the punch and DDT’d him on the floor. A whip to the guardrail put Okada on the offensive. Makabe battled back and traded a few near falls. Okada hit several forearms that angered Makabe. Tombstone by Okada, who then tried to win the match with a Rainmaker. Makabe dodged and hit a Death Valley Driver. Okada kicked out of a powerbomb, and countered a King Kong Knee Drop with a dropkick. Makabe hit a lariat that knocked Makabe to the mat. Okada responded with a lariat of his own, followed by a Rainmaker to win his second match of the tournament.



6 Tanahashi

6 White

4 Elgin

4 Okada

4 Makabe

4 Suzuki

2 Fale

2 Page



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