G1 Climax B Block Night 3 Results 7/19

We are officially one-third of the way through The G1 Climax. As the middle portion of the tournament approaches, we will start to see who has the best chances of winning.

A Block Tag Matches

Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens of Bullet Club b. Zack Sabre Jr. & Yoshinobu Kanemaru of Suzuki-Gun when Fale pinned Kanemaru with a Hand Grenade – Bullet Club attacked before the bell with Fale using his size to his advantage. Sabre escaped a Package Piledriver and tagged in Kanemaru. Sabre tried to help out Kanemaru, but in a miscommunication got whiskey spit in his eyes. Fale then finished off Kanemaru with a Hand Grenade.

Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer of Suzuki-Gun b. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomoaki Honma when Archer pinned Honma with the EBD (Everybody Dies) Claw – This time Suzuki-Gun attacked before the bell. Honma battled valiantly until Suzuki tripped him to avoid a Kokeshi. The match spilled to the floor where the heels ran wild. When the match got back in the ring, the heels worked over Honma. Tanahashi got the hot tag and tried to get the big man in a Cloverleaf. That failed, and soon Tanahasho got hit with a Black Hole Slam. Honma got the tag and tried to chop Archer down. He and Tanahashi together suplexed Archer and landed stereo Kokeshis. Suzuki ran into the ring and halted Honma. Archer then managed to chokeslam Honma and pin him with the EBD Claw.

After the match, Archer applied the Claw to both Honma and Tanahashi while Suzuki attacked Young Lions on the floor.

Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL, SANADA, & BUSHI) b. Kota Ibushi, KENTA, & Clark Connors when Bushi pinned Connors with an MX – Ibushi tried to put Sanada in the Paradise Lock to no avail. The heels cut off Ibushi and worked on his bad leg. Kenta got the tag and exchanged blows with Evil. Connors also traded strikes with Bushi and landed a great dropkick. He put Bushi in a Boston Crab which resulted in a multi-man brawl because everybody tried to break it. The heels managed to triple-team Connors, and Bushi finished him off with an MX.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI of CHAOS IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay & Toa Henare when HASHI pinned Henare with a Fisherman Buster – Despite Okada and Ospreay being teammates, they did taunt each other extensively. Including Ospreay mimicking the Rainmaker before going for an Oscutter. Okada countered with a dropkick. A double tag out to Hashi and Henare saw Henare tackle Hashi. Okada breaking the pin caused a four-way brawl where Hashi leveled Henare with a lariat. A Fisherman Buster later, and Hashi got the pin.

B Block Tournament Matches

Shingo Takagi (1-1, 2) p. Taichi (1-1, 2) with Last Of The Dragon – Shingo charged before the bell and got the momentum right away. After a shot from his mic stand and a brawl on the floor, Taichi got the upper hand. Taichi no-sold a back suplex, but couldn’t no-sell a Noshigame. Both men traded clotheslines and strikes. Takagi landed a Made In Japan for a near fall, while Taichi got a two count with a Powerbomb. Takagi fired up and hit a pair of Pumping Bombers only for Taichi to kick out. Finally, Takagi hit Last Of The Dragon for the pin.

Jeff Cobb (0-2,0) p. Juice Robinson (2-0,4) with Tour Of The Islands – Juice controlled many of the first few minutes of the match. They went back and forth for the next few minutes, exchanging strikes and reversing moves. But every time Juice went for a Pulp Friction, Cobb was able to escape. After the third escape, Cobb managed to hit Tour Of The Islands to get the pin in a match where Juice actually had the most offense in.

Toru Yano (1-1,2) p. “Switchblade” Jay White (0-2, 0) with a roll-up – This match looked weird on paper because White doesn’t really fit the comedic mold that works so well for Yano. Anyway, Gedo distracted Yano on the floor so White could strike from behind. When the match got back in the ring, Yano removed the turnbuckle. He tried to catapult White into the exposed buckle, but White managed to catch himself. Gedo distracted Red Shoes, allowing White to hit his own low blow and go for a Blade Runner. Yano escaped the Blade Runner by spitting in White’s face. He shoved White into Gedo and hit his signature low blow and roll-up to steal the pin.

IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito (0-2, 0) p. Hirooki Goto (1-1, 2) with two Destinos – Naito acted confused by Goto’s LA DOJO shirt. Goto responded by choking Naito with it to kickstart the match. Naito fought back and took control by brawling on the floor and targeting Goto’s leg. In an impressive spot, Goto reversed a Destino attempt into an Ushigoroshi. Goto hit a Reverse GTR and went for another Ushigoroshi. This time, Naito reversed into a DDT. A Destino scored a two count ad Goto kicked out. Naito nit a second Destino to finally get a win and two points.

Jon Moxley (2-0, 4) p. Tomohiro Ishii (2-0, 2) with a Deathrider – As soon as the bell rang the two started brawling intensely. Moxley won the exchange and tossed Ishii to the floor. where they brawled through the crowd. Moxley continued his assault back in the ring until Ishii fired up and made his comeback. Ishii returned the favor from earlier and tossed Moxley to the floor. After a brief brawl, Moxley grabbed two chairs. However, he didn’t attack with them and instead tossed on to Ishii. The two battled with the chairs To a standstill. Moxley then set up a table and tried to powerbomb Ishii through it. Ishii escaped back into the ring, only for Moxley to dropkick him to the floor and hit a dive. Moxley grabbed the chair and tried to use it, Ishii blocked the chair with a punch and hit a few chairshots of his own. In a spot I don’t think I ever saw before, Ishii laid Moxley on the table and splashed him through it. A superplex by Ishii got a near fall. The two went back and forth with both men blocking and countering each other’s moves and fought to a double down. While both men got to their feet, they exchanged dueling headbutts on all fours like a couple of bulldogs. Ishii powered out of a Deathrider and hit a short clothesline. Another clothesline got a two count for Ishii. Moxley hit the Deathrider, but Ishii kicked out. Before Ishii could respond, Moxley hit a running knee and followed up with another Deathrider. This time, Moxley got the pin.

After the match, Moxley cut the show-ending promo thanking Ishii and calling him a sick bastard. He said nobody tells him what do, and he vowed to win the G1


6 Jon Moxley
4 Juice Robinson
4 Shingo Takagi
4 Tomohiro Ishii
4 Toru Yano
2 Hirooki Goto
2 Jeff Cobb
2 Taichi
2 Tetsuya Naito
0 Jay White

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