2012 A1 Draft

On this week’s episode of the A1 Podcast (episode 87 for those keeping count) we did our second annual A1 Draft. For those that want to know who we picked here’s the list. We drew numbers to see who would draw when, and because Seth went first last year he automatically had to pick last. But here’s the draft, comments are welcomed, like our picks, hate them, we wanna hear them.


1. Chase Owens
2. CM Punk
3. AJ Styles
4. James Storm

5. Robert Roode
6. Daniel Bryan
7. Big Show
8. Austin Aries

9. Wade Barrett
10. Mr. Anderson
11. Sheamus
12. Randy Orton

13. Allysin Kay
14. Dolph Ziggler
15. Marion Fontaine
16. John Cena

17. Kory Chavis
18. Samoa Joe
19. Kevin Steen
20. Bully Ray

21. Alberto del Rio
22. Brodus Clay
23. Kofi Kingston
24. Christian

25. Kyle Matthews
26. Antonio Cesaro
27. Eddie Edwards
28. Magnus

29. Miz
30. tyson kidd
31. Rybamk
32. Kaz

33. Cody Rhodes
34. Maria
35. Mark Henry
36. Velvet Sky

37. Chris Hero
38. mike bennett
39. AJ Lee
40. Jeff Hardy

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