2012 A1 Draft: Josh’s Supplemental Selections

We each decided to post our supplemental picks. Some may overlap, but that’s because we’re not going to sit through 10+ more rounds to hammer this out. I’m sure we’d hold a bidding war of some kind.

Anyway… here are my next 10 selections.

1. Beth Phoenix – Strong woman who can wrestle
2. Justin Gabriel – high flyer to add to my roster
3. Madison Rayne – plays the “Queen Bee” heel gimmick to near perfection
4. Mason Ryan – he can be my “Batista”
5. Joe Hennig – dropping the goofy name and going with the “Perfection” gimmick and stepping out of his father’s shadow
6. Natalya – another quality worker
7. Tara – longevity and quality here
8. Jay Lethal – could easily carry the mid-card
9. D’Angelo Dinero – good worker who needs a change of scenery
10. Serena Deeb (provided she’s not forced to retire due to concussion) – Can be a babyface or psycho heel.

Just a start but I feel the main event and top-mid card are enough to carry this promotion to greatness! 🙂

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