Random Thoughts

-Maybe it’s just me, but the three hour RAW’s have really hurt. It’s taken away my interest from watching the shows. Sure there are things here and there that I’m interested in, but it’s really hard to sit through the full three hours just to see the 20-30 minutes that personally interest me.

-For College Football fans, like myself, it’s always interesting this time of the year to see how the various schools rank in the signing day rankings. Many say it doesn’t really matter and you can’t really tell how good a player will be until years later. Well, from other stats that have been put out by various sources, the schools that do get the four and five star recruits do much better than the schools that don’t get them. And if you need an example of that just look at my personal favorite team, the University of Alabama, especially under Coach Saban. Consistant top 5 rankings, and 3 National Championships in the last 4 years. A team can’t do that without being able to reload and get the best players that high schools have to offer. And it’s always fun to debate who should be in the top 5 lists and whatnot.

-On the other end of the wrestling spectrum, there’s a lot on the independent circuit that I’m excited to see and witness. There’s already been events from PWG with their DDT4 tournament, the stuff from National Pro Wrestling Day, PRIME wrestling’s upcoming iPPV “Pressure Rising” and NWA Smoky Mountain’s Smoky Mountain Cup tournament. I’ve said this many times, if you’re a wrestling fan and are dissatisfied with the product from the major companies, there’s stuff out there that you can enjoy with talent who are hungry and want to do well. Is there a little work involved, of course, but it’s worth the journey when you find something that catches your fancy. Hell, our podcast has featured indies who don’t necessarily get the press, but definitely deserve a look.

-Speaking of podcast, you may have noticed that we now have Amazon.com as a sponsor of the show. If you shop on Amazon, all we ask is that you click the link that’s featured throughout our site to get there. Or, you can bookmark our link so you can go there without having to go through the a1 page. We get a little kickback from every purchase and all the proceeds will help in making the page better and will enable us to help get even more and possibly bigger guests on our podcast. And for those that have listened and continue to listen, thank you so much for giving us a chance to earn a space on your media device (an iPod/iPhone for sure right Jarret? 😉 )

-I’ve been really addicted to watching the auditions that have been on the various iterations of the Voice, whether is from here in the US, the UK, Australia, China, etc. What I really like about them is that these people already have good voices, but have to show they have THE voice, and IMO that’s taking a song, one that’s probably already established by a particular artist and make it theirs, which seems relatively easy, but it really isn’t. But when they do, and really make it theirs, it can be an amazing thing. Is it a cop out that this is a shorter cut to earning a music contract? Perhaps, but not everyone can have the connections that others have had in getting into the music business.

-The Fast and Furious 6, bring it NOW! I want to see this yesterday! I’m so excited for this movie!

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