Movie Review: Snake-Eater III:… His Law (1992)

Are you like me?  Do ridiculous 80’s action movies with supporting roles from pro wrestling legends have a special place in your heart?  If so, have I got a treat for you.  Snake Eater III: …His Law stars Lorenzo Lamas, who you may remember from the USA network series Renegade, a show so popular that WCW mid-card wrestler The Renegade would eventually drop his Ultimate Warrior clone gimmick in favor of one seemingly based on Lamas’ character.  Well, he wore a jacket like him, anyway.  Such is the power of Lorenzo Lamas, that he was able to get a WCW wrestler on TNT/TBS to imitate the star of a TV show on the archrival USA network.  And what a power it is, as you’ll see if you’re fortunate enough to find this film.  I don’t believe it’s in print or even on demand, but don’t be surprised to see it show up in the bargain bin at Kmart someday, alongside similar gems from the likes of Sonny Chiba and Fred “The Hammer” Williamson.

Now if you haven’t seen Snake Eater I or II first, don’t be dissuaded from this film.  I myself have yet to take them in, but even so, it seems to me that this series is a rare example of one where the third movie is easily the best in the series.  I’m compelled to make such a bold statement because Snake Eater III: …His Law is just that excellent, and I fail to see how the first two could’ve topped it.  All seven user reviews on IMDB would seem to back up my position.

The acting truly must be seen to be believed.  In hilarious cliche’d fashion, Soldier (Lamas) gets mad and resigns from the force amid their objections to the beautifully excessive force he employs in the line of duty.  He then sets out to rescue a kidnapped girl from the Hell’s Furies biker gang, which is forcing her into prostitution.  Their most prominent member is a hulking trailer dweller known as Goose, portrayed by the late, great Bam Bam Bigelow.  Bammer really should’ve made more movies, because he delivers the goods here and could well have been a modern-day Tor Johnson.  Soldier proceeds to dispense justice to the nogoodniks with both his shotgun and his dazzling repertoire of one-liners, with equally devastating force from each.  His violent ingenuity must be praised as well.  One trap in particular that he set for Goose brings to mind a paramilitary Macaulay Culkin (sadly, Home Alone III: …Kevin’s Law was never produced).  I must wonder if that part was in the novel that this film was based on.  Yes, this was based on a book titled “Rafferty’s Rules” by W. Glenn Duncan.  I see it available for as low as $2 on

In short, the dialogue was almost Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2) bad, the acting made Chuck Norris look like Al Pacino, and there was never a dull moment in the whole thing, particularly when Bam Bam was on screen.  It even had a supporting actor who looked like the budget version of Charles Napier, playing precisely the same sort of role that Napier would. Guess the real deal wasn’t available, but they made it work.
This one surpassed my expectations on all levels and stands as a shining example of what a b-movie should be.  Films like this are a reminder of why I love this stuff.  Four stars.
Snake-Eater III Trailer

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