Poor/Lazy Heel Turns

I was watching Smackdown last night and up on my screen comes the AJ vs Kaitlyn match. The match was shorter than what a match against a champion should be, and yet that’s not my beef with the segment.

Towards the end of the match, Kaitlyn was going for a spear on the floor, but her friend Layla stood in front of AJ and said No! with her arms outstretched.

Kaitlyn, of course, beside herself with bewilderment screams what are you doing? This gave AJ enough time to recover and attack Kaitlyn by throwing her into the padded guardrail, and then into the ring for the Black Widow.

All the while, Layla is flashing a s— eating grin (cat who ate the canary), and acting heel-ish on the outside. The match ends and Layla goes skipping off with AJ.

Yup, that was the extent of the heel turn. Now it wouldn’t have been considered horrible if there would have been some build up to this moment. You know, showing some dissention between Kaitlyn and Layla.

If it wasn’t the Divas, I would say it’s a page out of TNA’s playbook. No such luck here as that is how the Divas are written for on a regular basis.

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