Throwback Thursday: The End Of WCW

WCW Folded 14 years ago today
WCW Folded 14 years ago today

Today marks the 14th Anniversary of WCW’s end. This week’s Throwback Thursday will cover the final days of WCW

January 11 – Fusient Media Ventures, in a project spearheaded by Eric Bischoff, announces its intent to purchase WCW, allegedly a 50 million dollar deal

January 12 – Eric Bischoff talks to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer about the sale

February – The penultimate issue of WCW Magazine has the following advertisment for a “New WCW”. This allegedly would have marked the return of several major stars including Goldberg, Sting, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, etc…

The only published hint at a Fusient owned WCW
The only published hint at a Fusient owned WCW

Early March – Rumors of the deal falling through surface. Turner network executive Jamie Kellner cancels all WCW programming. This leaves WCW with no programming outlets.

March 23 – The Sale of WCW to WWF is announced. Rumors circulate of the cost being 1-5 million dollars. Roughly one-tenth the cost Fusient would have paid. CNN reports

March 26 – The final Monday Nitro airs, opening with Vince MacMahon announcing the sale

The final ever WCW match takes place: Sting vs. Ric Flair

The final Nitro ends with a simulcast of Raw with Shane McMahon appearing for the only time on WCW programming

There you have it folks, the final weeks of WCW in early 2001. History might have been very different had WCW Programming not been cancelled. But I guess we’ll have to wait until Switzerland contacts a parallel universe to find out

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