How Will The Force Awakens Open Without 20th Century Fox Fanfare? We May Have Our Answer…


Many moviegoers are familiar with the classic 20th Century Fox Fanfare that has opened most of their releases for the last century. Star Wars fans are especially familiar with it since it starts every release of the films on home video.

If you need a refresher

That leaves one question to curious fans for this December when Episode VII: The Force Awakens is released. How will a Star Wars Film open that does not have that classic fanfare attached to it? We may have our answer with the new digital releases that came out today

No 20th Century Fox fanfare. No image of The Magic Kingdom with “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Just the LucasFilm logo with the closing bars to The Empire Strikes Back finale.

This may not be exactly how The Force Awakens will open, but it is our first glimpse of a post-Fox Star Wars movie introduction.

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