Flashback Friday: Mid-South WrestleFest ’85


Tulsa, Oklahoma July 27, 1985.

Audiences were checking out “Back to the Future” and “European Vacation” in theaters

“Every Time You Go Away” by Paul Young topped the Billboard music charts

Gas was $1.20 per gallon

Average household income was approximately $23,000

And Bill Watts ran this show, presented here without commercials. You will hear Jim Ross as the ring announcer

Here is the card

Al Perez vs. Mark Ragin
One Man Gang vs. Wendell Cooley
Barbarian (John Nord) vs. Brickhouse Brown
The Fantastics vs. Eddie Gilbert & Jerry Gray
Ted DiBiase vs. Jake The Snake Roberts
Dutch Mantell vs. Butch Reed
Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes
Bill Watts, Hacksaw Duggan, & Dick Murdoch vs Kareem Muhammed, Kamala, & Skandor Akbar

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